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  1. hi if you are near basingstoke in Hampshire, there is a company called KrazyBodywork that i have used in the past and were reasonably priced and did a great job.
  2. i have a 55 sel auto, and although it is a pleasure to drive, I have never had a car that rattles as badly as this one, so much so that it has ruined my ownership and I am constantly sticking pieces or foam and electrical tape into gaps and panels to try and stop it - to no avail. as much as i love lexus, i doubt i shall be replacing it with another is250 this year - even the new one i had as a courtesy car a month ago, which had 6000 miles on it, rattled in all the same places mine does - albeit slightly quieter. I really would have thought that by now they had sorted the rattle problems out, but apparently not, so it will have to be one hell of an offer to get me into a new one :( the CT200h would be great if it wasn't a hatchback and looked so wierd at the back. But even then, I would worry that the rattle problem would find me again...
  3. I've just bought snow socks to see if they make any difference this year. otherwise I will have to resort to hijacking my mother's Yaris again for the winter :)
  4. Autoglym suggest that after the SRP you use the EGP or the HD Wax, both give a good finish but the HD Wax is a better and longer lasting finish. I used to use both before I consulted Autoglym for advice. cool. i will try the HD wax next time round and see how it goes :)
  5. cheers dave1, is that before the gloss protection or instead of? i like the fact that the GP prevents stuff like tree sap and bird droppings from penetrating the paint and it lasts for months.
  6. i only use autoglym super resin polish, and after that i apply the extra gloss protection to give it that little bit extra and i find it works really well.
  7. mine was in a red 1992 fiat UNO that belonged to my mum
  8. i think i fixed it myself. i used the calibration option in the setup menu to manually move the location marker to my actual position, and then went for a drive to test and it seems to be working fine. go figure :)
  9. Hi Everyone has anyone else had a problem where the sat nav decides that you are hours away from where you actually are? i started the car the other day, and when the map came up it said i was in bristol - approximately 90 minutes drive from where i actually live. i thought maybe it just needed time to find the satelites again but it has not rectified at all, even when i drove to heathrow and back! Help! thanks
  10. nope. wouldn't buy one simply because it's a hatchback. saw one in the flesh a few days ago, and the front is nice, the interior is good, but the rear is incredibly ugly to me. it just doesn't fit the rest of the car. should have been more like the IS.
  11. hi the system reads the actual temperature in the cabin and then blows either hot or cold till it matches the temp you selected. it's not like normal systems with a dial that you manually turn which physically closes or opens flaps in the pipes. to be honest, i never turn auto off on mine, and it stays on 22 permanently throughout the year and generally never needs changing. have you tried leaving it on auto and seeing if that helps? when on auto, it usually blows the air out of the vents which need it most and controls the fan speed, thus avoiding blowing cool air in your face. this is my 4th car with climate control and they have all behaved in the same way. hope that helps :) regards
  12. i have run my 250 on tesco 99 for 2 years, and never had a problem. it runs perfectly, and i think i get better mileage and power too. when i have had to put other fuel in like BP or shell optimax, i haven't noticed any difference at all.
  13. Hi I had the same problem and when i mentioned it to the dealer at its last service he explained the same reason - the front wheels tilt when on full lock and it is the tyre struggling to grip at that angle. nothing to worry about and not dangerous, they all do that.
  14. Hi Ya if you don't find anyone, i am happy to give you a hand doing it yourself - my garage is full of stuff and i do my car myself lol and it usually looks great.
  15. hi i would definitely think there is something going on there, my petrol 250 gives 28mpg round town and about 36mpg on the motorway, and even when i really cane it round the back roads, it never drops below 21, so i would expect the diesel to be a lot better than that.
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