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  1. Hello .... The air coming from my aircon has recently developed this very stale smell when it first comes on. I know that the filter ( in the glove box ) has never been changed so I'll get that done. But do you think anything further needs to be done to freshen it up again - such as recharge / re-gas the aircon system ? Thanks !
  2. Hi all. I've got it in my head to do a suspension refresh so to speak .... well over 100k miles on the clock now so I'd imagine the '98 GS300 doesn't handle like it used to. Steering wobble is a problem at around 60mph and under braking. I'm hoping a new set of ball joints might sort that. I'm thinking of replacing all the various suspension bushings for new ones. There are probably many of them though, I was hoping someone here might have an idea of how many there are and what they're all called ? Is there any comprehensive list available of all these bushings ? If the list had part numbers that'd be ideal. Many thanks !
  3. Hi Johnboy ..... Just wondering - any update on this since July ? I have the same problem right now and have changed the pads and disks with no improvement. Recently I heard about the "flange", which is the part of the hub the disk bolts onto. Apparently this flange thing can become slightly off it's orbit due to wear and tare. So because the disk is bolted directly onto it, then it too will follow a wobbly line even though there's nothing wrong with it. The solution is to "skim" the brake disks, which basically means a machine is used to shave a thin layer off the disks so that their shape offsets any imbalance in the flange. A fairly specialist job I understand, no idea what it costs.
  4. Hi, A few of my lights are out, so I'd like to replace them all. It's easy enough to get to the bulbs and remove them, however sourcing replacements is another story. They are these tiny little bulbs, complete with plastic holders that twist into place, not much bigger than half the size of a penny coin. I've tried a few motor factors and Halfords, no luck. Anyone know a place to source them ? One of the main troubles is that there aren't any identifying marks on the bulbs so I don't really know what I'm looking for either, which is why I took the old ones out and took them with me to motor factors/Halfords. Obviously I can't do that if I'm buying online for example. Thanks.
  5. Yeah I see your point. The brief history is that when I bought the car from the Lexus dealer they were to fix a broken door lock which they claimed they had done when I picked it up. I later discovered they hadn't, when I went back to them they basically ignored me. I couldn't believe it - given that Lexus has such a good name for service. I ended up taking my case to SIMI ( Society of the Irish Motor Industry ) and they eventually sorted it out. I do know a garage that I could take it to, in fact I think I will. Many thanks !
  6. Hi, I am due to send the car for a service, a 1998 GS300 with 98k miles on the clock. One thing I'll be asking them to look at is cold startups. When started from cold ( in the morning ) it has developed a loud "squeal" from the engine which subsides once it warms up. I don't think it's anything too serious, I've had cars of similar ageing in the past from different makers and this developed also. I think it's a belt or a bearing or something, yet I don't know anything more about it. Could anyone tell me what it's likely to be ? I don't want to risk the dealer telling me that my engine is about to explode so he can ramp up the cost. I'd rather be armed with at least some basic knowledge of what the cure might be before heading down there. Not too sure what the situation in the UK is but in Ireland car dealers/garages are not to be trusted. I'm afraid that appears to include Lexus dealers of which there are very few in the country so my options are limited. I did have a bad experience with this dealer in the past ( even though I originally I bought the car from them but that didn't seem to matter ) so I want to be ready. Thanks alot !
  7. I get a substantial wobble through the steering wheel at around 60mph. It's not so bad at less or more than that speed. Also I sometimes get a judder under breaking, though not always. I've changed the front pads and disks in case they were warped. I've had the wheels balanced and ensured correct tyre pressure. Still the wobbles and judders persist. Any tips on what else to check ?
  8. Hi Damo, Just wondering, where are you buying your parts from ? I've got the same ideas as you, doing the servicing myself. But I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to go for parts. Cheers.
  9. Hello. I live in Dublin and am trying to find somewhere to buy parts for the GS300. Starting with the brake discs and pads, beginning to notice some wobble under braking. Anyway I don't want to go anywhere near a main dealer, bunch of daylight robbers they are. Recently I needed a new electric aerial pole and was quoted over EUR400 by the main dealer ..... I bought one on eBay for GBP25 and put it in myself, perfect. I couldn't believe the price from the main dealer. Anyway does anyone know where's a place in Ireland to buy parts ? I am even considering upgrading the discs and pads to a more performance spec. But even for basic OEM type parts, anyone got any clues where to go in Dublin or Ireland in general ? There's loads of places in UK or USA but the shipping costs make you gasp. Thanks.
  10. Hey folks. My aerial is stuck in the fully extended position. Motor is running and all, I think the teeth inside the pole must be worn. Anyway I called the dealer this morning to see if they had a replacement pole in stock. They do - for EUR470+VAT I actually said to the guy on the phone " 470 for a f*****g aerial ?? You've got to be kidding". But no, he assured me he was not kidding. So, there is no way I am paying more than EUR500 for a bloody aerial. Anyone got any tips on where to get one for about a tenth of that price ??! Or can the one I've got be repaired somehow ? Thanks.
  11. I recently started to notice a rattle coming from the rear, particularly when driving over surfaces like those "concrete" roads found in housing estates ...... the ones that are left very rough on top. I removed the near side rear wheel to investigate. Did some pushing and shoving around to see if I could locate the source. The only thing I found was that the outer brake pad seems to be rattling a little in the caliper, apparently through normal wear. It's nowhere near worn down to the minimum 1.0mm level, though it is closer to 1.0mm than it is to the standard 10.5mm. Could that be enough to cause a rattle noticable from inside the car ? I thought the anti-rattle spring was supposed to stop that kind of thing happening, but I'm thinking that maybe the pad is worn to the point where the spring is now ineffective.
  12. Could someone give me the part or product numbers for the Bosch and PIAA blades ? Where can they be bought ? An ebay link would be useful if anyone has one to hand. I've been looking to replace my blades on the '98 GS300 for a few weeks now but so far have failed to find a suitable set. Halfords turned up nothing, nor can I find anything on the Bosch website. I am intrigued by the PIAA blades, which ones should I use ? Thanks.
  13. I'm getting real p****d off about this but every time I take the car to the main dealer to solve one issue it is returned to me with another that I don't notice until I get home. This time it was in to get the drivers door lock assembly replaced and it came back to me with a malfunctioning aerial. :tsktsk: It's the electric type, mounted on the rear beside the boot lid. Only noticed when I got back from the garage that when it is folding away now, it stops with 4 inches of it protruding where before it tucked away flush. Also it doesn't seem to be able to fully extend any more, it seems to be shorter than it used to be at full stretch. Finally it used to get a little longer or shorter when certain radio stations were tuned in, now it doesn't vary in length at all. So is it dead ? Or is this something that can be put right somehow ?
  14. Does anyone know of a place in Ireland (particularly the Dublin area) where I could bring my 9 year old GS300 for servicing ? Not a main dealer, they're expensive as hell. But still I don't want to bring it to just any old place, I'd like to think that whereever I bring it they've got half an idea what they're doing. If anyone's got any pointers I'd be grateful, cheers.
  15. Only recently started to happen on my MkII GS300. When applying the foot brake with more than gentle pressure (say moderate and upwards) I sometimes hear this single "klunk" from what I imagine to be the nearside rear wheel. Definately brake related as it doesn't happen any other time. No such klunk is heard when applying the park brake. I imagine it to be a sticking caliper or something, that breaks free with the application of more than gentle pressure. Anyone ever experience such a thing and what was the outcome/solution ? Thanks.
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