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  1. ok il check it. na i dont have it set to auto just set it to high or low. i dont get how the auto setting works because when eva i set it to auto it blows alot of air out. thanks mate
  2. any help please altezza rs200 my heater is playin up it is cold for the 1st few clicks up to 20 then red hot after all the way up to 30 on the dial. dunno wot it is maybe a heater thermostat any help would be much appreciated thanks davers200
  3. alrite mate i am 21 in the uk.i am insured with adrian flux worked out about £1000 tptf. i have 3 years no claims and if you say ur doin 5000 miles a year u get it cheapa and if u say u are joined to this owners club you get about 20 per cent discount on top. hope that helps
  4. so if i brought a cat back system for a is200 it would fit my altezza rs200 ?????????????????
  5. i like the sound of the kazama big is the tail pipe and is it full stainless steel? thanks
  6. alright prolex how much r them exhausts with postage and are they cat bak system? £305 for janspeed £340 for Kazama 2 lop of 5% if you join gold lop off £18 if you collect both are cat back ok thanks mate what one would you say is best and has best sound and power gains ? thanks
  7. alright prolex how much r them exhausts with postage and are they cat bak system?
  8. hello mate wher did u find ball joints for 32 pound ??? thanks
  9. Sorry mate but the group buy that was organised was the last 16 sets ever made! they have now been discontinued! i have emailed the guy and if he finds any other sets he will let me know! Jason :P thanks mate .dam they look gud.hope some turn up
  10. alright every one i heard that a group buy of chrome sourounds were brought and just wondered wher i can get some and how much? or if anyone has any new ones to sell let me know ? thanks alot
  11. DaveRS200


    I have been running a s/c for nearly 2 and 1/2 yrs, but from a stock ECU. produced around 270-280hp like that, but never gave me true performance due to ECU not being upto the task. Installed complete standalone ECU which after mapping gave me net result of 300HP+ Look in my garage to see all my engine mods. do u mean garage in tezzaworld? cant find it at the mo. thanks
  12. DaveRS200


    lookin gud.thats alot of power. so you put a new engine in and then supercharged it ?? thanks
  13. alright just wondering is the exhaust on the is200 the same as the altezza because iv been lookin at some. like the hks silent power and the one on prolex uk. i think they r different but just checking thanks
  14. i always average over 30 mpg motoway or town.usually put my foot down but i dont rag the balls out of it.not bad on juice.on long runs get 35mpg plus motorway.thats in my standard rs200 manual.
  15. Hey , i could be wrong but check the bottom ball joints, they tend to go! another fella there sounds like he has the same problem, Take off the wheel , ul see if there is movement in the hub up and down, could be that. yeah thanks m8.i had my cambelt done yesterday and i asked him to check it out and he said ther is movement in both front ball joints.any idea on a price? thanks
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