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  1. I always take photos of surrounding cars including number plates, I know of a traffic cop who does the same when off duty, then if any damage appears, pays a visit to the owner of the offending car, in his uniform
  2. 2 identical ads, but 2 different contact numbers and one is 2 miles away from the other... contact email address in both is the same though I suspect "oh its a misprint, should be £15,000" the £5k is probably just to get interest to it
  3. prefer it as it was originally to be fair!! hahaha no i'm jokin, looks really good! engine jargon means very little to me tho! floating around westhoughton is a J reg dark grey nova, not sure what trim level it is, could be a GTE, has all the body kit and stuff, but it looks VERY tidy indeed aren't many novas about that could earn that compliment!
  4. but where did you get it from? i want one!
  5. Yeh i meant sony ericsson ;) i should read a bit slower!
  6. Are you a regular samsung user though? I suppose it just depends what you like, i hear people say they hate nokia with a passion and prefer windows O/S phones, but i've liked nokia handsets since the dawn of time, even though their series 60s were really slow to begin with are you gonna sell yours?? (to me maybe?? :D)
  7. for £7 you can have one of these motorola 5200s back!
  8. managed to get myself one off the bay for a good price, so now my other phone is on, buy from a trusted seller!!
  9. Big MotherF Wheels ? pmsl Must say WOW looks great, but like the rest it must be a killer ride on 20's What rims are they and where from please? Dibslpg Motegi DP-1 Black w/polished lip
  10. there's a standard pre-2001 grille that looks almost identical to the top one in style, but has the 4 bars across it, not 3, could it be that on yours Gaz?
  11. any witnesses? did the van driver stop after causing it? how fast were you going?
  12. That's a loyalty deal though, cheapest deal anywhere is £35 a month, or in full year terms... £420 I bought my E90 sim free with a 30% reduction (£427) I am on o2 pay as you go paying next to nothing cos my most popular numbers are o2, its working out at £10 a month and that gets me 1300 texts and £5 for calls
  13. bein honest bro, i really like that grey one, even moreso than the scarlatti red you're after
  14. I currently have a Nokia E90 which.. function-wise.. is practically identical to the standard N95, the only difference being it only has a 3.2MP camera, and its in "communicator" casing, like the old 9500, 9300 type phones! because of the size of it i am thinking of sticking it on ebay with the intention of buying the black 8gb N95, since the E90 with a good advert will get me £300+ (i bought it brand new and sim free from o2 on its launch day and believe me, it's been looked after) I'm pretty sure no one on here will want my E90, but if anyone has the N95 i'm after. let me know.. thanks in advance :)
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