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  1. Happy Birthday loggyboy!

  2. Ive just film tinted my rear side, but the rear would be a pain in the arse, and some of my heatted elements arent working so may look out for a sport rear window :) Any one got any pics of how tinted they are? Cheers!
  3. is the rear window tinted as well as the rear side windows? Cheers.
  4. Well the new genuine screen has been in quite a few weeks and we've had quite a few showers and all seems well. Just waiting for some persistant hard rain to really test it! Still all ok now so it seems it was the glass that was at faut.
  5. Well the new genuine screen has been in quite a few weeks and we've had quite a few showers and all seems well. Just waiting for some persistant hard rain to really test it!
  6. As title, mine has seized solid and cant free it no matter how hard I try.
  7. Hey you three NEWBEEs.. check dates before posting! this thread is a year old!
  8. What does being a manual do to add to the looks?! lol
  9. They will almost certainly send them as gift without u asking, I wouldnt ask incase customs decide to stick to the letter of the law (which is 1k fine!)
  10. Id want the Sport grill, thin lip spoiler, tints and the LSD. I'd happily do with out the chav pedals, kickplates and skirts. So far ive only added the grill to my SE but i am always on the look out for the other bits, especially the LSD!
  11. My IS200 tyre experience so far has been: Bought the car with nearly new Dunlop 9000s fitted, which seemed ok, but fronts wore quite fast (illegal after 5-6kish) so when i replaced my fronts with falken 452s i realised how bad the dunlops were in the wet, so I got another pair of 452s for the rear when the rear dunlops wore 3-4k later. Sadly the falkens wore very quickly on the front (4-5k) (even with rotating on the rims so wear was evened out) When they they were replaced I got hold of some part worn GY Eagle F1s but they were 225 45 17s so i put them in the rear and moved the newer 452s to the front, which again, proceeded to wear quite fast again and they now need replacement. Even with alot more tread on the the Goodyears (4-5mm) compared to the 452s (2mm), they arent as good in the wet, but I like my rear end to be loose, it suits my driving style. Not sure what il get next, looking at Michelins as they tend to wear well.
  12. Ive just got back from Autoglass bracknell, they wanted to check it again, however when i got there he just looked at the screen and said that was all he need to check. He had made some calls and found that the Pilkington branded screens have a possible fault with the heated element cables causing sealing issues. So theyve agreed to fit a genuine Lexus screen, just awaiting a call back when they have sourced the glass. Im sure ive read somewhere here about problems with pilkington glass??
  13. Wooo extra rain means 3 new faults to add to the list... this evening I have had everything, lightson , alam set off when entering, no fuel, mpg, water temp gauges, outside temp showing 'E' - and now the added bonus of seatbelt warning light on, even when belted up, door open light on, rear screen demister not working even though light is on switch AND 'snow' indiciator light failing to come on when switch is pressed, (and possibly snow function not working either but its hard to tell!)
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