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  1. CAMPAIGN AGAINST LEXUS FOR TYRE WEAR PROBLEMS Hi Lexus IS200 owners, its been a long time and now and i am up to 21 front tyres, high or what? I must say that i am not knocking WIM settings as I believe the garage that used the settings made a total ***** up and did not followmthe setting suggested by WIM. Lexus have now reset the geometry two more times since, and I have a letter from Lexus UK denying that there is or ever has been any problems with the Lexus IS200 inner front tyre wear. Someone is telling porkies. It appears that they think it was either the tyres, or may be the road conditions, my driving or the weather? everything except the car. I am now preparing an action against lexus and would like everyone who has had a problem with front inner tyre wear to e-mail me Rob F. at and not to reply to the lexus owners club as I want to be able to access the individual letters and responses easier. Send Send Send me your complaints.
  2. I am not knocking Tony or WIM, but I cannot see what you hope to gain from Lexus. It does appear that some Lexus models appear to suffer from excessive tyre wear, predominantly on the front. However it would seem that you would have no real comeback on Lexus since you openly admit that your geometry settings are not as specified by Lexus. How many miles and front tyres since resetting to WIM spec?
  3. How many of you have had serious tyre wear on your Lexus. I have now gone through 19 front tyres in 3 and half years and 48K, unreasonable or what. It is a Lexus problem that they have denied from Day 1. I have had the full geometry checked 4 times and set to WIM specification. I have the front top and bottom joints replaced and also the front trailing arms and rears changed with no improvement. Lets make a list of all those people who had a problem and the number of tyres wasted. Start now. E-mail to the
  4. Hi guys I get 27 average, 33 on a steady motorway (clock set at 77mph)and if I give some foot then it is below 25, I guess that's about average. Bobby the fish
  5. Hi all got the same problem exactly, however screwed the thread when I tightened in the new after market copy so removing it and changing it could be a real problem. Will also try and check the codes and follow the advice above. The Toyota lexus dealer said that if I tell him the codes he would check it out. Apparently if the front o2 Lambda sensor shows a fail, it could also mean something else is at fault and he would advise me. Bobby the fish
  6. Hi there you should go to PIR or it could be PRI in the West Midlands rally performance parts, the whole lot, front (rear trailing arm bushes) and lower front swinging arm bushes (rally sport heavy duty), cost about £150.00. It has completely sorted the inner tyre wear and frightening steering problems, (18 tyres in less than 40K)with 3 expensive geometry checks and about 8 normal tracking checks at the local tyre dealers. The local Toyota fitted them for about £250 including VAT and two geometry checks.
  7. Hi I have an iS200SE, i have gone through 18 front tyres in 3 years and 40k, with 3 major geometry checks and loads of tracking. I believe I have sorted it out thanks to WIM and my local garage man. The main rubbers on the swinging arm bushes and the front trailing bushes are not strong enough. At rest and having the geometry checked with the wheel on the road they appear to be fine. When driving however the bushes are not strong enough to hold the front wheels in the correct alignment and so they deflect out slightly as the road undulates and cause excessive inner tyre wear, and the car to waver all over the place, which can be a bit scary if you like to drive a bit fast. Change the bushes to heavy duty rally performance bushes, I think I got them from PIR in the West midlands, then set the geometry as WIM settings and feel the difference immediately. Handles like a dream, sharp taught and responsive, good straight line stuff even when braking hard. The new bushes are reinforced with an inner steel ring and use a much harder rubber. I have only recently had this done so I will keep a close eye on the tyres, but no inner tyre wear yet. P.S also up the tyre pressures by a few pounds. Lexus know all about it, they just deny it.It is common on the is200, probably the same on the 300. Bobby the Fish No sorry mate, only those on my site. The SC normally is quite resistant to the tyre wear problem so there must be a real issue with yours. If needs be i can write a 'safe set-up' for you to take where ever?
  8. There is a problem with the 'dynamic' geometry on the IS200 and IS300, you can go back to Lexus every week and they will not solve it for you! reason is that all dealers have to respect the 'Lexus' set-up, but this is in error. If you track back here in 'Wheels and Tyres' you will see how to resolve your problem........ if not send me a PM and i will :D
  9. Many thanks to all those who contribute to my query on mpg. I will remove the fuses and reset the ecu as explained, and will report back after a few tank fulls.
  10. humm i thought they were to be changed at 100k? mine are still the orginals, i think. i wonder, that might explain why once every 100 or so starts, it shudders like its missfiring. ill get it checked out.
  11. Does this make any difference or does the IS200 hve poor fuel econamy. Thanks
  12. Hi there, like most things in life you get what you pay for. You will however probably not notice much difference during normal driving conditions, especially arround town, but things will need changing a little earlier than later. I used to drive 135 miles per day and when i changed to the good stuff i realy did notice an increase in mpg and smoother excelleration. The plugs lasted longer and i never had to replace any expensive parts. If you ever read any articles like honest John in the telegraph and others, they all recommend using the high octane expensive fuels, especially in a new high performance engines where tuning is so critical for maximum performance and economy. So you pays your money and you takes your chance.
  13. Hi guys I'm new to this. I've just bought an IS200se on an 04 plate with 23900 on the clock. I have been driving like a miser and keeping within the speed limits, it's a killer but i've got 3 point to date so i'm taking my time. The problem is, i'm only gettin about 24mpg. Most runs are at least 40miles along and i'm doing about 40 ish. I've read that if I disconnect the battery and reconnect it will reset the ecu and then the computer will learn my driving style. The last owner lived in the suburbs of swansea and I'm living out in the sticks,so our driving styles will be totally different, but will all this hassle of disconnecting and reconnecting the battery make a tosh of difference. P.S I always use BP ultra or Shell optimax, none of the cheap crap. Anyone who uses petrol from a supermarket is asking for long term trouble. And yes it does make a difference. So help me, what should you realy get from an IS200 driven with care and not exceeding the speed limit, honestly. The book says 20ish urban, combined 28.8 extra urban 36.2, so what am I doing wrong. Help..
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