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  1. that is true car prices in norway are a bit stiffer than over at your place :P
  2. Man That looks awfull ...... Glad you made it out in one pice
  3. This car looks great :) not a fan of the haloes but each to his own taste :) Good job keep it up
  4. wow that was a nasty hit. glad your ok. and hope you get a good replacement for your car
  5. nice looking lex there. :) Welcome to the club
  6. Welcome to LOC We want pictures and lots of it hehe
  7. there is probably a way if you carefully start to take it apart. newer had the problem so i cant say for sure
  8. i would go for the left one. like the look of it :)
  9. yeah i will keep you posted. but this site alone does save alot of time and money :) The info you get from members here is priceless :) . Like the info provided by wozza on ice install probably saved me 4-5 hours in fiddling time
  10. Thanks for the coments ppl :) and yes window tints are coming just need the founds for it :P
  11. Here is some pictures of my baby :) I will take some more of the ice install when i get the work done in the trunk Enjoy :)
  12. nwm i just had to reread the post to see it :P sorry
  13. wow that seamd like a lot of work wozza . have you connected the red light in the door to the dimmer ?
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