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  1. too many donuts, and too much revvin the stones out of the engine. only way to stop this is by getting an oil catch tank
  2. there will be a meet in carlow at kfc carpark sun 2nd of march at around 1. then off to a yard in tullow for some legal fun in the day light for those interested. all altezza owners and anybody else are welcome to come. should be a good day. and hopefully get a good turnout. anybody with querys contact me.
  3. very nice. by the way theres a meet in carlow at kfc carpark sun 1st of march at around 1. then off to a yard in tullow for some legal fun in the day light for those interested.
  4. you can try basically all you need is a metal container to catch the oil. if you know any fabricator get him to make you up a box with two pipes coming out of it for the hose to go on.
  5. too many donuts pal. basically these engines have a tendancy to top the head up with oil at hight rpm's and during hard cornering. when the head cannot take any more oil the oil is forced out trough the breather pipe, you will see this pipe coming from under your engine cover to your air intake pipe. you should get an oil catch tank to solve your problem, either that or no more donuts or driving the bag out of the car.
  6. ha ha. only came straight to page 6 and seen jan 2008 as the date thought it was for this year. we may try and get our one sorted for march soon.
  7. only senn this post now as i havn't been on here in a while. any space left dizz?
  8. cheers for comments men. thanks to irlrs2oo there aswell for doin da video.
  9. recently got the car dyno'd heres the video. what ye think?
  10. well any body got any opinions on which is the best type, grade etc? any help appreciated cheers in advance.
  11. @ Dave (prolex-uk) cheers that could be the solution allright. will you keep me posted on when you'll be getting the software.I will have to ogranise a weekend trip to wherever your based. @el_gencer yes that could be done allright but expensive by the time the ecu would be bought and programmed. @rikos dont know exactly havnt got it dyno'd yet @Dan I'll bring you for a spin it it whenever the next time we all meet up again is. thanks for the comments lads been looking for one of these for a good while now :winky:
  12. will do Bazza, cheers for that @monster-mat may not need to get it mapped after all then if we get the 99ron. it would surely be ok then with a bit of the octane booster in with the 99ron. i may find out if they are equipped with a knock sensor then to adjust to slight inadeqecies in the fuel mixture. thanks very much for all the help monster-mat.
  13. cheers for that monster-mat, you wouldn't happen to know what ron there supposed to be run on would you? i'm keeping it on octane booster over here until i get it mapped, do it looks like i'll have to go for an apexi power fc now to get it mapped and set up right etc. i havnt come across any other type of ecu for it yet. i think were getting 99ron over here soon maybe it would run ok on that without any octane booster. does the engine have a knock sensor the same as the rs200? Thanks
  14. cheers for the replies men. @monster-mat yea i have he front splitter its just off getting repaired at the minute. somebody ripped the rear 280 badge off the bootlid when it was in shipping, i was a bit annoyed when i got it, but what can you do? same with the ecu cover. i mean like what use is a used badge to anybody else, why people do it i dont know. anyway enough ranting and raving. shes no.3 on the name plate by the rad. had a mate of mine who works in toyota check out the chassis no. he contacted the main place in dublin they told him that the car left the toyota factory in japan and went to the tom's workshop, also told him that there was no parts available for the car. have been sent in your direction a couple of times by different people, have been told that you know a good bit on turbo altezza's etc. was wonderin do you have any technical spec on the tom's 280. is there anywhere in the uk that can remap the ecu, cos all ive got off people is that the ecu cannot be mapped outside of japan without the correct software. theres not very much info to be found on the internet at all. i was thinking about emailing the tom's site directly to see about getting the technical spec on it. prob get no reply do. oh so many more questions left yet. anyway i'd appreciate any help youll be able to give me thanks Bobby
  15. brought it in myself, dealed with ibc in japan for the car, yea plenty of fun to be had out of it allright, shes a fairly quick bus. i raced my old rs200 in it the other day. me mate was drivin it, we were doin about 50 i was in 6th gear put the foot down he dropped the rs200 into 3rd and i was just playin with him. very happy with it
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