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  1. Hmm...i am curious what has happened this year that has made them re-think. I will ask and post when it gets done
  2. Hi...despite our dealer checking the car last year and saying we were not affected..they are now asking to replace the drivers airbag, via warranty of course. Apparently Lexus have had a rethink...anybody else being asked to have this done? (Offerred replacement car so hoping i get a few miles in a current IS)
  3. Still yet to spot, or even hear about, another Pearlescent White one like ours...looks extra fabulous in this weather :-)
  4. Wife was parked at Asda York in the week and someone planted a perfect red lipstick kiss on the bonnet...looks fab against the pearlescent white background. We assume the kisser loved the car :-)
  5. Congratulations - i am pretty sure you will not regret it :-)
  6. We bought ours a few months ago from Lexus dealer and it had 17k on it but 10 years old. The dealer changed the belt as part of the sale prep - without asking I always thought time had an effect as well as use
  7. So this will be our first winter in the SC ....what should we expect when the wether gets cold and snows? My IS250 was poor - i am guessing this will be same-?
  8. Hi Mick - looks great - feels good to get a cracker huh? Enjoy
  9. Hi Shaun - great decision - we are loving ours and i am sure you will too The boot should stay up by itself so the struts must be shot. If you search around i am pretty sure you can buy some aftermarket relacements and fit them yourself in no time.
  10. Makes you wonder if it was genuine - or am i just a cynical old so and so :-)
  11. Tried Mamas and Papas today and the general answer is a definate no.
  12. Thanks all - she is off to Mothercare/ToysRus today to see what they can do - will keep you posted :-)
  13. As the title says really. We want to put a child seat in rear for our grandson but the Halfords folks tried several and none fit. Has anybody done this and which model of seat please - thx in advance
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