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  1. Thanks Steve A couple of bad experiences with buying from are preventing me from buying it at the moment but if no further luck from this forum or the uk then I will have to order that one! Thanks again Mark
  2. Hi all Its been a while since Ive posted on here but now back with a plea! Does anyone have a copy/access to a sc430 workshop manual, or 'repair manual' I think its called in the states? Thanks in advance Mark
  3. Im surprised that your quotes are so high, 02 sc430, 10000miles per annum, woking, garaged, no no-claims discount, 33yr old female, myself as named driver, no accidents or claims, £440 fully comp If it helps its with 'elephant' Also bizarrely the insurance was £55 more expensive if no named driver, no matter whose name it was
  4. Hi all Put up with a chilly interior for long enough now, so figure its time to ask for help. Anybody with experience of these problems or just ideas/suggestions please speculate as after my recent unpleasantries with the Lexus dealership I figure she deserves someone trying to fix her who actually wants to do the job properly! ;-) 1) Seat heater - Passenger side worksperfect, drivers worked intermittantly when I first bought it but stopped completely 2months ago. Tried swapping the internals of the switch/controls but no joy,any ideas? 2) Air con - worked ice cold during summer (not tried it on cold recently) but when on heat it randomly switches between hot and very cold evry few minutes without warning. Any ideas or advice on reasonbly priced air con specialists? Thanks as always Mark
  5. What was the outcome with Lexus about the rust? I have the same problem and wondered how to proceed.My roof is also leaking on the edge over by the rust spot! Jon Actually it has taken until just last week to sort out and I must admit that as much as I love the sc430 I thought the service by lexus was by far the worst I have ever recieved from any maufacturer. In the end they agreed to replace the roof panel and paint it but the workmanship was terrible (not the actual painting but the refit of the roof). I had to have it redone 3 times and it still isnt the correct gaps but to be honest Im just sick of having to deal with them. Good luck with your dealings with them
  6. Spoke to Lexus toay and apparantly I have to take the car down to Lexus on a day to be arranged for the manager too inspect then take photos, forward them to Lexus GB HQ for them to send out a representative to evalulate report and then for Lexus GB to make decission. Phew.... Im tired typing all that let alone doing it! Thanks LloveL, I Checked and they quoted me £499 for TV through the sat-nav, prob a good price but still stings! Thanks Aquanuke, "Where your headlights on full beam when you tested. They need to be turned on for the jets to work"..... Yep I am a muppet/problem solved! Thanks Parthiban for all the replies and help! Off to play with the dome now........
  7. I'd be very surprised if it has been sprayed, about 10yrs ago I used to be in the motor industry and im hoping i havnt lost all my abillities! ha ha! A trip to Lexus in Guildford could be on the cards tomorrow. Cheers again!
  8. Will post a photo of the whole car as soon as I move my 'pig' (big black landrover pickup) from next to it!
  9. Double checked and there are 4 seperate areas of the 'bubbling' all of them on the roof along the rear edge. The paint is not broken at any of these points, heres a couple of photos added
  10. Brilliant! Thanks guys, so many forums out there just bitch and slate anybody who asks a question rather than already knowing the answer!?! Great response so far to my post so thanks again. I'll try to visit a dealer asap, but will also try and take a photo of the 'patch' on the roof today and post it, as so many have responded the least I can do is show you what it looks like ;-)
  11. Hi there Just bought a 2002 sc430 (UK version not import) as per the title and it seems ok bar a couple of things... Any help or advice appreciated..... None of the overhead centre lights are working (door open or closed, nor the map reading lights), checked the fuse but seems ok? Headlamp washers arent working (neither rising or spraying)? Are there any aftermarket kits etc to enable wathing of tv on the sat nav screen? Would also like to rig up a rear view camera for reversing. Any issues with fitting different alloy wheels? Any replacements around for those orange side reflectors on the bumpers? Anybody have any dealings with lexus over the rust warranty as the body on this is fantastic except for a patch on the roof about the size of a 10p coin which is very raised with obvious rust bubbling underneath? Any guesses or known faults about any of the above? Thanks in advance
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