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  1. hey all i may be purchasing a new car 2006 or 2007 plate is250 auto just wanted to know the difference between these for example rear parking seats electric side mirrors etc etc and mpg, is250se & is250se-l looking for an auto with millage less than 90k and with sat nav? thanks in advance for any answers
  2. ive had them both they are very different the computer in the boot is ver different alot of extra wires going through the sat nav screen has a xtra cable slot at the back the remote is different. you can try to upgrade you cd to newer version 2006-2007 contact lexus about this
  3. Hi all just need some advice on some tyres on the is300 alloys currently the car has 225/40/18 allround i will be changing my rear tyres soon and wanted to put some wider tyres on the back two is it possible to put 235 or 245 ones at the back the current ones dont look wide enough here is a pic of the alloys i have on them thanks in advance for any replies
  4. yep you need to report it to the police
  5. I have one in beige brand new but now decided i might sell my car bought from america cost me 315 in total after custom charges and everything im willing to let it go for 250 let me know if you want it
  6. hi thanks for the help you guys just changing the front ones coz they are worn out the rare ones are quite new dunlop sp900 thnaks
  7. hi all i have the is300 6 spoke alloys wheels on my is200 and am about to buy 2 tyres for the front at themoment the tyres that are on the alooys are 225/40/18 i wanteded to know will i be able to fit a diffeent size for example 235/40/18 or 225/35/18 im not much good with tyres but any help about these will help thanks
  8. I have an is200 (99) se and it has the is300 6 spoke alloy wheels i need to replace my front two tyres and wanted to know what tyre sizes i can fit currently 225/40zr18 are the ones that are fitted i need to know what other sizes other than 225 and 40 can i fit and what difference do they make and also i live in luton and where can i get a pair for a good price thanks
  9. thanks for the reply will do them tommorow morning
  10. Hi i bought a pack of headlights from autobulbdirect just wanted to know how do i install the small dipped bulbs and also when the bulbs arrived i got some fuse's aswell will i need to replace them or keep the originals inplace thanks
  11. Moderators Note: Only Gold Members are entitled to offer goods for sale You can look at the benefits & sign up to gold here
  12. Hi Everyone New IS200 owner Just became a member here and thought i'd say hi Recently purchased an IS200(99) an Excellent car took me ages to find a nice one its a bit old but i can live with that Car spec IS200 sport Navigator Saphire Blue Half cream leather allround TRD kit Kazama exhaust (i think not the standard one) is300 alloys withnew dunlop tyres FLSH I need some advice though the font headlight bulbs i want to replace all the bulbs to some new ones (whiteish blue colour bulbs) gives it a bit of a new look to it i want to replace all 6 2 dipped lights 2 standard beam light 2 high beam lights can any one recommend where to get any, some good brand and quality ones for a reasonable price thanks
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