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  1. Hello, I was wondering if some one could tell me from this video if I need new bushings on the steering rack? I changed lower ball joints and outer steering joints last autumn and that was I huge improvement but lately the steering on hard acceleration and on ruff road feels off. Passed MOT in feb with this issue. My dealer could not tell me how much play is tolerable. Model year 2000 with 149000mi. Thanks!
  2. Hello all, I had a hard time finding any solid info on an correct amp bypass lead so I thought I would share my finding. I have an GS300 from 2000 without navigation. I bought the amp bypass from autoleads called PC2-93-4 on ebay and it states that it would be an direct fit. That was of course not the case. The connectors are the right ones and the lead is long enough to reach the speaker connectors at the amp but the pins are wrong. I looked at a schematic and with a small screwdriver it fairly easy to move the pins. Ignition 12V+ goes in the amp bypass lead to the amp but I could not find any pin for that, however there is IGN+ available in one of the original stereo connectors located behind the stereo, I cut into that and soldered on the wire from the aftermarket ISO-connector. Next to do is connect the sub to an amplifier in the boot.
  3. Great to see that my thread is still alive. Sad to see that so many cars suffers from it. I have nothing new to report. I haven't done much to find what's causing it, only had two people listen to it but no one can figure it out. My car has passed MOT without a problem, I am hoping the will find it sooner or later :D However I have noticed something when I change tires... If I pull the wheel up and down I get a little play and a barely hear able knocking sound. I don't know if it should be like that and I cant see where the play is. Has anyone also noticed this? Should it have a little play?
  4. Spc Turbo Kit

    Could you please PM me the link? Thanks!
  5. Turbo Ecu

    What turbo kit are you planing on buying?
  6. My Is200tt Project

    Hello Stav, hope all is well! How is it going with your car? I would like some pictures and video please :D
  7. Kenwood Dnx-5240

    I got a DDX5022 and it is great! The sound improved alot compared to the orginal sport package in the is200. I got a 80gig 2.5" HD that I run my music and videos from and because of the size of it, it takes 1-2min for the Kenwood to read the HD and start to play. If you have a memory stick with 1GB the delay is much shorter. This is the only thing I find negative but you learn to live with it. It is great not having to change cds! The screen itself is great! Touchscreen is very nice! Kenwood makes the best stereos in my opinion they are great! I say go for it! One more thing! Not all HD work with the unit because of the low current output. The stereo can only deliver 500mA if I remember correct but you can have an extra powersource to get around that.
  8. Is300 Auto Gearbox

    I show you.... This is my boat. I don't think it can weigh more then one tonne, a wild quess would be 800-900kg. The is200 and 300 aren't allowed to tow more then 1200kg here in sweden don't know if it's the same in the UK. If my boat weighs 800kg or so I could end up below the 1200kg limit if I'm lucky. The is200 and 300 should be able to tow it on the road but without an auto I will kill the clutch eventually. I phoned Lexus and they said that pulling the boat out of the water wouldn't be a problem with an auto. Both is300 and is250 would manage the "pull" probably the 200 auto would do the trick also but on the road I feel the lack of torque in the 200 would make it feel like I have to torture the 2 litre engine but that is my opinion without having tested it. A is300 or is250 or perhaps a RX 300/400 is the answer if I don't decide to get two cars. I still don't know... The RX xxx is a totally diffrent car but ofcourse more practical then the is xxx. It all comes down to money as always :)
  9. Is300 Auto Gearbox

    I have bought my self a boat and with it a headache :) I need a suitable car for towing and pulling it out of the water, dont know the fancy world for it sorry :D The boat is quite heavy, 24 feet long something that I believe the clutch in my is200 wouldn't like. When I look at pictures of the shifter on the auto in the is300 there is an "L". Would that be a gear suitable for pulling my boat out of the water? I like my 200 and would like to keep it or buy a 300 if it has a "low gear". Two cars (is200 and a car with a "low gear" would be costly but perhaps it's my best option. Oh and I also need a car for trailing? my snowmobile in the winter. Toys are fun :D My current is200 doesn't have a tow bar but ofcourse I can have one put on. Don't know if that is an option though since the 200 isn't that powerful.... Please help!
  10. Is200 Performance Or Lack Of...

    Sorry for that Ejan, ofcourse I thought that you were Anders (didn't know he had sold it).
  11. Is200 Performance Or Lack Of...

    Ejan is "damaged gods" :D His previous car was a civic raped with a turbo producing way to much power... Sorry Ejan! I still hope I get a ride in your SC IS. :D I don't think the is200 is a slow car but it would be nice with some more tourqe. Still I think it's a fun engine with the kick it makes at 4200rpm and the noise after that :D I like the car and do not compare it with something else because there isn't something else outhere that I know of that drives as nice, makes me smile and looks as good.
  12. Help With Ebay Seller!

    Yes that is true! I didn't read it orderly/understand it correct, thank you Steviewevie! The english is also a bit difficult to understand....not used to it....thank you! I did phone paypal yesterday and explained but I don't think the lady understod me correctly. They also had som computer error and therefor was unable to log into the system and take a look at my case. I have now sent an email to them and I will wait to see what the say before I contact the seller. fingers crossed....
  13. Help With Ebay Seller!

    I found this on the paypal website "Will I have to return the item I purchased? Most stores require that you return merchandise to be eligible for a refund. Similarly, you may be required to return an item to PayPal or the seller to be eligible for a refund. You are responsible for costs involved in shipping and handling the item and we strongly suggest that you use a shipping service that can provide tracking." Weird rule....that puts me in a very bad spot! Whats the point then I wonder... Paypal sinks more and more.... I have an other issue with them as well which has going on for months now. Don't have a working credit card registered at paypal, I have my old canceled card registered.... nowdays I transfer money to paypal instead that way I can't loose more money then I have at paypal, feels safer...
  14. Help With Ebay Seller!

    You are right I shouldn't sink to his level but I still wonder and don't know what exactly I am obligated to do. I feel that asking him to arrange shipping is the best option. What if I tell him how much shipping is and he decides that he wants it back just to cause trouble for me... I would then have to pay more for the shipping then I did for the non complete assembly before all this started. It would be an entirely different story if the worlds "complete assembly" hadn't been in the items description, then I wouldn't argue and if he felt he was right and I wrong why didn't he fight for it....? And in a way I have admit my "error". I asked him if we could fix this somehow. Pay 50/50 each for the missing parts for exampel would be fine by me but I didn't get a reply... I have done what I can and been a good customer asking and giving him the option to correct this but as I said earlier he showed no interrest in that.
  15. Help With Ebay Seller!

    It was a joke I hope you understod that. I am greatfull and respect your post! I don't think luck has anything to do with it. I am not certain but I think I got a full refund directly because the seller didn't respond to the claim, he has 10 days to respond. If he had choose to respond, paypal may not have decided in my favor. Because he didn't respond paypal automaticly gave me a full refund without looking into the case and give a verdict. You could say that he admits that I was right and he was wrong. I have transfered the money already, to order the missing parts from toyota...a order I have now canceled... He will absolutly never ever get a positive feedback from me! We could have dealt with this our selfs and far more smoother but he made his choice...! Asking him to arrange shippment is a good idea but I feel there is now hurry..! :D I will not pay him for shipping possibly a fair amount for the item but thats it! Considering all the hassle i think that would be kind of me to do, to kind perhaps....