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  1. ha ha nemind just trying to help perhaps some other poor sod will benefit,brian
  2. hi just had mine regassed 70 quid,only to find theres a leak in the condenser rad ,so look for green sticky stuff in the corners mosty of condenser rad ,u can pick a c/rad up on ebay nissen make,from 89.00 to skys the limit. that's a 2006 lexus gs 300.expensive coolness
  3. a13bhw

    rear pipe.

    ok,thank you,ill get on it now,brian.
  4. where can I buy a rear back section pipe …...not the actual back boxes theyre ok. but on the 2006 lexus gs 300. they are flange bolted to back box. so pipe is separate from boxes.please advise.dont want to buy complete system.thanks guys ,brian
  5. I norlec could u tell me if u can find one,let me know,if I find one I will let u know bloody murder,thanks

  6. hi.ok luigi I got someone coming up the weekend ill let u know,cheers brian
  7. snap.me too. ive got a 2000 lexus gs 300 cant get a code reader tried tech stream ebay its non compliant to my car tried another that's going back too,i suppose its the flash test count the blinks guess the code . all I get its not obd2 compliant yet there is a 16 digit pin which any obd2 fits but lits it up an that's it,is there really a obd1 to buy,thanks guys brian
  8. hi where can I find a pre 2001 obd plug in engine management code /scanner,plenty of obd2 scanners which wont work on a 2000 lexus gs 300,any ideas.thanks merry xmas everyone
  9. yes,im going down injector route the weekend, according to screwdriver listening trick the injectors are all firing by the sound of the firing clicks,but it could be one blocked injector.got me baffled, both diagnostic ports are dead.thanks for advice,brian.
  10. nothing whatso ever ,no lights flashing blinking etc it used to be able and working for blink testing that was 6 months ago ,cant seem to find a pre 1999 code reader, cant complain ive had car fifteen years but I cant part with it,
  11. hi sorry so late in answering you,engine management light on, tried to check the blink method but does not respond .ie bridging with wire lead, into diagnostic plug in located in front of battery,its year 2000 pre obd.
  12. year 2000 lexus gs 300 misfire on low revs, changed all the ignition coils also cleaned maf sensor leading from air filter and throttle body,any ideas thanks brian.