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  1. hi,yes do it youll save on tax and half the price of petrol,ive run 2 gs cars on it mk2 ,,brian
  2. hi ive run 2 lexus gs 300 mk2 98 and2001 models that's the straight six,the only gs 300 the 2005/11 mk3 now that's difficult to get lpg fitted too.for reasons unknown to me,but give the lexus club forum a little while and we will both have that answer, so straight six no probs/v6 probs.i would highly recommend the lpg conversion saves you a lot of money in tax and fuel costs roughly half of petrol.but get it fitted by a good company and get the certificate,after fitting,or you've wasted time and money,brian
  3. Ok lads very helpful thanks big time
  4. oops bit late now,fitted to car,didnt know that,i asked autel and they answerd these are the ones for your car,well ill go ahead with techstream anyhow.give it a try.these bloody tpms valves are a bit senseless if you are a proper driver u check the tyres anyway,and if u get a puncture you generaly know about it,ok thanks again.
  5. hi,mine are 433 MHz,so ill take a look at techstream thank u very much.brian
  6. hi,can any one help please,bought a set of 4 autel tpms valves /tyre.pressure sensors. and a maxi pad /autel its recognized all the sensors and given a code number for each one and theyre all working,but car still does not recognize them, not sure how to program them into car and what scanner/programmer to buy,HELP anybody know.the car is a 2006 lexus gs 300,
  7. hi my 2006 lexus gs 300 came to a stop with alternator failiure,run the battery flat,smoke coming from alternator, ok changed the alternator new one fitted but it wont rev throttle not coming in it starts charges etc, no/ throttle any ideas thanks brian
  8. ha ha nemind just trying to help perhaps some other poor sod will benefit,brian
  9. hi just had mine regassed 70 quid,only to find theres a leak in the condenser rad ,so look for green sticky stuff in the corners mosty of condenser rad ,u can pick a c/rad up on ebay nissen make,from 89.00 to skys the limit. that's a 2006 lexus gs 300.expensive coolness
  10. ok,thank you,ill get on it now,brian.
  11. where can I buy a rear back section pipe …...not the actual back boxes theyre ok. but on the 2006 lexus gs 300. they are flange bolted to back box. so pipe is separate from boxes.please advise.dont want to buy complete system.thanks guys ,brian
  12. I norlec could u tell me if u can find one,let me know,if I find one I will let u know bloody murder,thanks

  13. hi.ok luigi I got someone coming up the weekend ill let u know,cheers brian
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