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  1. You can program the ignition and door locking manually but the smart key end of things (using the key without placing it in the ignition slot) has to be done using the lexus Intelligent Tester 2
  2. The Intelligent Park Assist works fine on level ground but what Lexus forgot to do is increase the idle speed when it is selected because if the car cannot climb the gradient on tick over it comes to a hault and when you touch the accelerator the park assist cancels completely .. I find it a bit of a gimmick really
  3. There is now modified rear view mirrors available for the IS220 and there is also rear diff mounts available to cure the booming noise that you get at 75mph (120kmph) @ 1800 rpm in 6th gear ..If your dealer says other wise tell him it is number 2 diff mount and that there is insulation that has to be placed on the inside of the rear 1/4 panels to stiffen them up
  4. The IS200 does not have a feature to display that the phone is been muted the *Tel-Mute* feature was only introduced with the launch of the IS220-IS250
  5. are you sure its a 15amp, i'v looked at the diagram and the second from bottom in the middle column says 10amp Fuses are colour coded Smokey brown color - 7.5Amp Red - 10Amp Blue - 15Amp Yellow - 20Amp Green - 30Amp
  6. Your in big trouble here the whole brake motor system needs replacing (brake comes as all one unit about €2,500 in Ireland).. this is a common enough fault I have replaced about 10 of these over the yrs.
  7. John Top man! Thanks loads for confirming... Just need to be sure of location now and I can go ahead and get it sorted. Am reaaaaaaalllly annoyed that the VSC light comes on aswell as the CEL when there's nothing wrong with the VSC - been driving it like I was on ice since in case it was unstable, and now know that this isn't the case. Cheers again. Adam. Your VSC light is on because it also detects a fault in the engine control, and because there is a fault there *it* is not sure weather *it* would be able to control trottle position/engine revs in the event of a skid so the VSC system goes in to fail safe and alerts the drive that it is no longer active.So inactual fact it did exactly what its surspose to do in this situation,as in make you drive with more caution
  8. This is a list from Lexus official on line workshop manuals from japan as you can see auto lock is unavailable. I know it is annoying that features like this are not available but I also know from being in the front line of things it is frustrating when car owners blame/get annoyed with the mechanic/sales man that Lexus have not included these features.
  9. Cheers for the offer Rich but I'm in Ireland so don't think your certain coloured phone company will be of any benefit. Is it a definite that the mute needs wiring to the amp and not the head unit? I know in the IS200 I had it was on the head unit cos my base model didn't have a seperate amp? Just wondering does the base model IS220d have similar setup i.e. base model sound system has amp in head unit while upgraded audio has amp in boot? Anyone know? I'm gonna have a closer look at the visor types now cos the thoughts of someone ripping apart my dash and my boot doesn't appeal to me............... with the best will in the world these thing NEVEr go back to the way they were originally. Drummerboy PS - Thanks for the welcomes back guys The Mute wire is a brown wire in a plug at the back of the head unit .. you will know this plug because it has a orange wire in one corner and a white/black wire in the other .. I have fitted over 50 of these Lexus phone kits to the IS range
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