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  1. Took delivery of a brand new 200D Advance about 2 months ago, covered around 4500 miles so far, tank average around 38/40 around town etc, recent trip Kent - Lancashire all motorway non stop speed around 70/80 average approx 48 mpg which would have produced around 650 miles per tank. Have to say I thought it would be better, hopefully it will be as we get a few more miles on the clock.
  2. Hello, I currently have an RX400h which I think is great but with the price of fuel rising at the rate it has been and the fact that I do between 25-30k miles per year I am thinking of going back to the IS model. The model I have looked at is the IS200D Advance, I have been told by the dealer that it has a newer engine than my old IS220D (06 model) and it is returning on average high 40's (mpg). I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of this new model and also out of a full tank of fuel how many miles should I be expected to get. many thanks,
  3. Yep mine was the same in the snow, we had 6-8 inches and I was trying to find the deepest un-used snow I could - the car coped perfectly.
  4. If its any help I went from a IS220D in Sept 08 to a new RX400H SR MM. I love the car and cant believe I've had it so long, its still a pleasure to get in and drive it as if it were new. I do quite a few miles per year (30k) and have had no problems at all, in fact I only got a new set of front tyres at 30K and my back ones are just about ready now (34K). I slightly miss the keyless entry and the push button start, but I can live without that, the MM is the same except you get a cassette player as well (how cool is that!). Performance is pretty good for a big car and my av mpg is around 30ish, I can get better if I drive slower. The family love it, we can throw our camping things in the back and go virtually anywhere and have some great fun. It has the luxury, the higher driving position, the power, the vesitility and the smile factor! Enjoy.
  5. That seems quite low to me, i can get around 400 out of a tank if i do mostly m'way driving at around 70ish and 350-400 around town driving normally. I have noticed that the fuel consumption has dropped a little recently because of the colder weather.
  6. I was lucky enough to have one of these this week whilst my 400h was in for a service. I have to say it was a very nice car, everything was in the same place as my previous 220D but it drove much better and the toys and gadgets were bang up to date (even more so than my 1 year old 400h). I have driven a few 250's and I have to say this was not much different to drive, quiet, comfortable and very smooth through the gears. It wasnt as quick as I thought it would be but I was quite happy to take it easy with the roof down given I only had it for a day. Space wasnt great in the back and as I have a family I dont think I could justify having this as our main family car, if there were just the 2 of us then I would consider a 250C next time.
  7. If it's any help, I bought an FM transmitter for my ipod and it wasnt great. The signal was at best poor or kept on fading out and you had to keep re-tuning - not great when you are driving. I opted for a Lexus fit ipod adaptor, thats fine, sound quality good, although you have to have your music selected and organised into playlists. I have my daughters old ipod in the car permanently, i can choose to listen to this or change to radio/CD/DVD very easily. You can get other kits which could even work out a little cheaper, I think Vias do a very good kit for the ipod (there is quite a lot of information on this form anout them) but i think you need to fit that yourself or get someone to do it for you.
  8. I had a 220D for a couple of years and covered 60k miles from new, the average mpg was about 36 but depended on the way I drove it and where I drove it. On M'way at a steady 70 ish I could get up to 42mpg, floor it and it came down to high 30's, around town and on shorter runs low 30's. The higher revs was also the same on mine, Lexus did give me an answer for it but sorry cant remember what they said (it was 2.5 years ago and I have slept since then). Traded my 220D in for RX400H in Sept last year, love the car and can get around 32mpg all day long, even higher if I keep the speed down and let the battery take over for a while. Good luck with the car, I would personally stick with it because i loved my 220D, the toys etc made it a very happy car to drive, very comfortable and Lexus Stockport have always looked after me from a dealer point of view hence why a stayed with Lexus (for now).
  9. I agree, you do have to adjust your diving style to get the best out of the RX400H. I've had mine from new since last September and currently have about 17000 miles on the clock, at the moment i can get around 30-32 on average out of evey tank of fuel. On the motorway, and I do a lot of the motorway, at a steady 70mph I have got upto just over 34mpg. Around town it does drop but once the car has warmed up I find I can get use out of the batteries if I am careful, stop start can be mostly battery if in traffic. However, for all the reasons that other people have stated I still love the car and it still gives me a big smile everytime I get in and go somehwere. Enjoy the car/SUV/4x4 ish.
  10. Had mine for 10 weeks from new and now have 7300 miles on the clock, lots of motorway driving, initially clocked around 27 now getting around 31 if I keep my speed to around 70.
  11. this is what i am doing from time to time. but i would NOT conside this as offroad driving! but this is real offroad driving! Thanks for the pictures and reply, looks a bit more rugged than where I go ;-)
  12. this is what i am doing from time to time. but i would NOT conside this as offroad driving! but this is real offroad driving!
  13. I was wondering just how far the RX400H could be taken off road, I realise that it's not an off roader as such, but given its size etc I was wondering just how far it had been pushed. I have done some seaching on the tinternet but so far haven't come up with stories relating to this topic. So a challange to you all, how far have you pushed yours? it would be interesting to see how far it could go. (Sainsbury's or Tesco's car park is not really far enough).
  14. If its anyhelp I got my new RX400H 2 weeks ago, I've already done 2000 miles and I am still smiling. Same colour as yours but SR spec with MM, its a great car to drive, cruises well on the motorway with the power if you need it, I'm currently getting 30.5mpg which is not bad and about 85% of the miles I have done so far are motorway miles. Cant really find anything negative to say about it yet, the ML sound system is good but I think the version that was fitted in my previous IS220D just had the edge on sound quality. Its a great looking car in Cadoxton Slate, plenty of room and very quiet. All in all I'm sure you will be happy.
  15. Thanks for your reply and feedback....after 2 days of ownership I am still smiling. :)
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