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  1. Saw only 1 IS200 after driving 500 miles across France and another 500 back again when we were there a few weeks ago!
  2. If you did get some made up, you should ask some dealers if they'd mind putting a few on their desk. When future lexus owners come in, they can pick one up and find out more about the car. People going to the dealers to get a problem sorted can come on here and read up about what other people did. . . The list is endless! :)
  3. Well I can't convince you to buy it with a load of technical stuff because I don't have a clue (for obvious reasons, look at my name) but come on, they look gorgeous so why not B)
  4. happy birthday rach! hope you have a good one :) :hocus-pokus:
  5. Drums. . .been playing 3 years. B) :shutit:
  6. The fast and the furious had a few GSs B)
  7. Who nose what the caption could be
  8. Goonhilly, Flushing and Looe All in Cornwall
  9. hope so! that will leave the GS430 free for me! Hehehe. Don't you want to drive the SC430????? Do you have an IS then? My dad wants a GS430 after this car. . .he says he needs to save his pennies first though. Have you any idea when the GS430 sport is coming out? Sorry gone very off topic here
  10. not sure now. Got my name down - but I think I have a chauffeur committment that night - SWMBOand her sister are going to Manchester to see Bruce Springsteen. Not sure if the Springsteen gig has been canned though Ok. We came back from Texas on Saturday morning and there were 2 (?) invitations waiting for us. My dad's all excited now! He's never been to one before. What are they like? And do you reckon that there will be a lot of people waiting to drive the SC430? There are so many Lexi in America!
  11. lol - I can see your point I suppose, but I still think it's a bit unfair if people have been queuing for a while and it still pisses a lot of people off. By the way are you going to Lexus openroad at Arley hall or whatever you call it? I see that you're in Birkenhead - that's probably the most local one for you????
  12. Yeah but isn't that the idea of queues? Wait your turn? It's like going into Asda on a packed day and skipping the queue because there was a space to get past at the side of it! If people are waiting to get past at the end of the queue and have sat there patiently for 30 mins - wouldn't you be a bit annoyed if someone came haring down the 'closing' lane and got through in 30 seconds and made everyone else wait longer. . . .Anyway if everyone thought the same way and people were using both lanes till one closed wouldn't it get a bit chaotic?! Ok I'll stop going on now :)
  13. It seems a bit unfair to try and get in in front of everyone else who is queuing just for the sake of a few yards? A few years ago when going down to Cornwall the lanes leading up to the Severn bridge had one closing, yet one person seemed to think he would go all the way down to the bottom and get in there? This ended up with a lot of hand signals being exchanged between him and my dad and shouting out of windows and then nearly a crash because they both tried to get past at the same time. Dunno why people can't just do the same as everyone else?
  14. R kelly does not sure what model but he sings about his in one of his songs.
  15. Good :) Don't want to make enemies before I even make friends. . . Anyway I'm in Liverpool a lot and Birkenhead every week. . .good shopping, and nothing's ever happened to me or my possessions! Anyway hope nobody did take offence. Take a gate instead, worth more