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  1. New headlamps from Lexus £96.12p each inc VAT. Qouted today. Considering mine are new and imported from Japan any offers should be not too far off the mark. I wont reveal my reserve however, if you are close I'll throw in the P&P.
  2. IS 200 headlights still in box, never used. Got them on Ebay from dealer in Japan as I was planning to fit the Demon Eyes kit, change of plan and can't be bothered now. PM me if interested.
  3. shortened from basher due to boxing exploits and 0083 is part of my old service number....
  4. qwik tip.....if you are going to lacquer the calipers once thay have been done using Hammerite give the paint a few days to harden....or the top coat of paint will shrink.....leaving a freaky mosaic pattern....the paint was dry to the touch after a few hours as well. quite got the heat gun burned it off and got the Folia Tec gear....Top job.
  5. I used Folia Tec on mine, Halfords for £20. The pack has a can of degreaser spray,can of paint and a small tin of hardener. Had the lot done in about 8 hours, few days later the paint was set, ready for the stickers and the clear lacquer. basic job. really stands out well against the Plat Ice.
  6. sure these people will help.............. MOTORCARS LTD
  7. going here.... another fine example of " rip-off Britain" they have got us well and truly by the Jerry Halls
  8. I painted mine high gloss black. used the Folia Tec kit and dressed them up with chrome decals from Lextasy. they really stand out well against the wheels. when i get a digi i'll put up some pics.
  9. might have you a buyer for the sports grill. too late to call them will let you know later today
  10. fitted clear fogs lamps earlier today. the lenses look great however when they are switched on the bulbs are a bit too much on the pink side for my liking. first up they are def borderline for getting a pull from the ice cream men secondly looking for sensible ideas (hot coals in the lenses nah) so they will have a similar glow as per the standard fogs. any ideas folks?
  11. Happy Birthday DJ. Hope you had a few halfs to celebrate. :D
  12. check out ebay. just bought a brand new sports grill still in the box. saved me a right few quid. Nice one ebay :) :) :)
  13. Ronin.......thinks me cars were not up to much in this, well maybe the Audi.
  14. from the same movie... "shes fast enough for you old man, ok whats the cargo?" "only passengers, myself,the boy,2 *%oi£s and no questions asked" this scene takes place after an ugly mother with its bum on his face gets the sharp end of a bright stick. too easy