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  1. Two ways to find dentmaster, or something like it, 1) google dent master, it's a franchise like wicked wheels. 2) go to your local dealer ship and ask who does theirs, every dealer has one, and see if you can bung him some cash on the QT ...... obviously you don't want the stealer to do it for you cus they'll obviously mark up the price !!!!!!
  2. When not get a dent master type guy to come and sort it properly £40 - £100 max I would guess, probably the lesser if you've done some of the work. The bonnet should be really easy to sort out.
  3. Ian, I'm on there too, you have a pm !!!!!! Shoei is a popular lid as well for what it's worth !!!!! I_love_my ........ never been that kean on the S4R to be honest ....... but I hey each to their own ...... any duke is a piece of class in my book !!!!!!! Tiger Fish .......... frankly chap, it looks like you're talking bullocks
  4. This is my current baby ......... a lot of fun but 18-20mpg or less if you're having lots of fun - 3.5ltr V6 But it's a well known fact tha the Jap car manufacturers ALWAYS over estimate mpg's ...... and german's under estimate !!! The Sport was recently test by what car and gave 34 mpg didn't it ?
  5. You're joking ....... all I'm trying to improve on is 18 mpg ....... you telling me it won't be better than that !!!!!!!
  6. Oh Rock Steps ...... yeah ..... the all purpose viffer can do those no problem ..... You've seen the Herbie films .... well ...... Yeah right ....... I wouldn't know where to start !!!!!! Sounds like you've got a nice garage there to keep you occupied ....... any plans to put the enfield back together ? Nice bikes but not something you'd use as a daily commute though ....... and those dry clutches are somewhat of an aquired taste when it comes to living with them !!!!!! BUt I agree ..... the 999 replacement is a seriously good looking bit of kit ..... but I actually liked the 999 with it's strange headlights.
  7. The Black bird doesn't seem to old it's price well but the R1200 is kinda in a class of it's own really and not comparable to the Blackbird. And it's shaft driven which I guess would be an advantage. HUMAN ERROR - behave mate ....... no bloody engine !!!!!!
  8. Just thought I'd say that I've had a absolutely stonking deal on my new IS220d from Lister Lexus in Worcester. I was looking for a contract hire / lease for various reasons but what has suprised me is that as a dealer they have even beaten the big lease companies ...... I'm paying only £229 per month on a 3 & 23 deal for 10,000 miles. When I compare that to the other cars available to me there really wasn't an competition. I've always been quick to slag off dealers but credit where credit's due ...... anyone looking for an IS should talk to these guys !!!!! Quick. And because he was really helpful I'd particularly mention big Dave in Sales !!!!!!!!
  9. Only 98% ......... Sorry, I must be slipping :shutit: :winky: "Rock Step" enducate me please sir The answer though is probably not ....... anyway ........ did you describe my little viffer as a big lump If you did I think I like you :winky: What bikes have you got then, now I'm currious ????
  10. I bow to your superior knowledge sir and apologise for any unintentional offence. The point being, syrely it's a waste of time buying winter tyres for the virtually non existant British Winter ...... Switzerland ..... yep, works fo me, Bolton ...... sorry ...... surely no point. I would guess someone would be better placed buying summer sticky tyres rather than winter tyres. All just seems a little pointless. When the last snow fall came I was in the 350 with 19" wheels, 9.5j front and 10.5j rear fitted with low profile toyo poxies and I managed to get home ok by being sensible ......... admittedly I then left the car on the drive for two days but hey ....... again being sensible ...... two days in a year hardly compares to a Swiss winter does it.
  11. Come on all you boring family saloon drivers ....... and paul K with the pimp mobeeeeel ......... who out there has some real fun and indulges in two wheeled motorised fun ....... and remember it's nought without pickies !!!!!!!
  12. Sorry didn't make myself clear a winter or snow tyre is compounded for use on snow ........ prolonged use on tarmac will cause it to overheat and wear more rapidly than expected, not to mention that in rain it would give you all the road holding of six bananna skins lashed together with dental floss as it's tread pattern is not designed to clear water from the contact area with the road rather cut through and grip snow !!!!! It comes back to ....... for use in the UK use a halfway decent all purpose tyre and don't be so bloody stupid as to drive in the snow unless yo really really need to ...... and if it's so critical to go out in all weather a rear wheel drive lexus should be replaced by a stonking great defender !!!!!!!!! :P
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong ........ and I probably am ....... but if you're thinking of winter tyres you're best to go for much thinner tyres than you inevitable have on the lexus ...... this will mean thinner wheels !!!!!!!! This would enable you to change them at short notice to avoid excess wear when it isn't snowing and enable you to keep decent looking wheels on the rest of the time. If you're thinking of different tyres for wet conditions ...... you've not got the right road tyres in the first place !!!!!!
  14. Nah ........ wrong colour ....... should be brighter ........ like this one ...... only much much faster.
  15. Hi guys ..... went in to chase paper work on my chug-a-lug diesel today and has a sit in the SC ....... nice mota lads ....... it certainly oozes class once your inside. Like another car Paul K and I cold mention I do think it looks better with the roof down but hey ....... I'm only jealous that I can't afford one. Was talking to the sales guy and there's a replacement for it out soon isn't there ...... is that the Supe replacement do you think Paul ????? Have you got any pickies as to what it will look like. PS ...... you understand I don't have an SC and am probably not rich enough to post in this section of the forum but I'm posting here because as a socially concious individual I feel compelled to talk to you sad few "Billie no mates" rather than mock the afflicted from a distance :winky:
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