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  1. Expand Stansted. They have more space and better infastructure. Heathrow is always way down my list of airports to use coz it's such a 'mare to get in and out of.
  2. In the interview he admits that he did bad things and he let the American people down. I saw the film but I've not seen the real interview. I was a bit underwhelmed by the whole saga but I guess back in the 70's this was a very very big deal. Much MUCH worse things happen in politics today all the time so I think we've become desensitised to this kind of malarkey.
  3. I didn't drive my car today or yesterday coz it's still pretty icy and I don't have winter tyres. -19 last night and I was pretty miserable standing at the train station and wishing for some warmer weather! As for the frost, if it stays cold for a while then the air becomes dryer and so the frost gets less, eventually no frosts as there is so little moisture in the air.
  4. Veyron! Cool! B) I'm happy that the LS is set up for comfort as that's one of the main reasons I bought it. I wanted to be soothed as I drove to work :)
  5. Two grand is fine and next year it might be less than that as the car is obviously worth less. My S-Class was certainly quieter than my Lex but the LS is still very soothing. Last Sunday I drove for nearly 8 hours stopping once for petrol and I had virtually no fatigue. One thing though is that although the top speed is meant to be 150 mph I don't feel comfortable doing more than 120.
  6. After 12 months and about 10,000 miles I thought I'd scribble a few notes on how it's gone so far. Depreciation: Probably around £2,000 which is about what I expected Other costs: Service including new brakes (discs front, pads all round) £660 And petrol of course. I average about 24 MPG on my drive to work and about 32 MPG on a good run. Perfectly acceptable. Problems: Steering wheel that doesn't return to programmed position. Warped front discs (common problem I believe) Paintwork needs reviving Driving: Fairly comfartable and fairly quiet. I've had more confortable and quieter cars but the Lex is fine. Performance good but handling is best not mentioned!! Over all I'm satisfied with the car and will certainly keep it another year.
  7. I want my car to look like that black porker in the thread! Lovely. My paint is in a bad state and I need to get this done too.
  8. Might as well buy a Garmin (or similar) as they're better anyway and a good price.
  9. You're doing what? Sticking a 2JZ-GTE in an IS? The first thing I think about is WHY but I'm not gonna go there. I have a Supra so I'm a little sad that another Supra has died but happy that its heart goes on in another life. Good luck with the project
  10. I've not driven a 330 with an auto but I've driven the manual and thought it was lovely. Nice car in a very nice colour Congrats :)
  11. Brilliant! Slowly but surely we will lose our ranking as the fattest in Europe. Spread the word
  12. I had a W140 S500 before and it was a tremendous car. It refused to do more than 19MPG on my trip to work and back though so the LEX is much more frugal. If I replaced the LS I would like to get a Bentley but I can say good bye to double figure fuel consumption if I take the plunge :-))
  13. Had my LS for a year now. Nice car but not all that special. A very servicable workhorse though.
  14. I doubt that using Snow mode would put very much stress on the gearbox. It's due for a service in September anyway. This is the time of year that I'm always tempted to buy a new car. Can I resist? :-D
  15. There's always the bus, or is that too big for her too??
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