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  1. I've got a IS200 Sport 2001 with 152k & has never let me down once :)
  2. That is the most funniest thing i've read on here LOL 16" tyres on 17" rims LMFAO
  3. My local motor factor, not sure on the make, it's a gas not an oil shock. Can find out if ya interested?
  4. Get in contact with these guys, i found them very helpful when i contacted them about my lack of a master key Elegance Lock Masters 39 Green Lane Ilford Essex IG1 1XG Tel - 07930 453 650 (020) 8514 3313 Fax - (020) 8514 3313 Email -
  5. Shall see if they got them in stock, not worried about the labour as will be doing it myself
  6. Lexus will charge you in the area of £2000 for master key etc as they fit new ECM, locks etc. If you get the ECm reflashed beack to factory & programme a master & A key, some locksmiths can do this, but could cost about £500 plus keys or see if you have lost keys on ya insurance
  7. I got my belt from Lexus main dealer for £28, i asked for a kit & they said that they dont do a belt kit & the tensioner etc are sealed for life & dont need changing. Are they wrong? Just need to get round to getting the belt fitted at some point LOL
  8. A friend has just had his GT4 rims refurb & painted in Swindon for about £40 a rim, can get number if ya want it.
  9. Where abouts in the south are ya??? i'm bournemouth, just put rear shock on mine & only cost me £37 (fitted myself)
  10. 138'000 IS200 Sport Yreg 2001 & still like new
  11. I bought my Lexus IS200 sport manual in silver Yreg 2001 leather/suede trim, not been messed with totally standard i gave £5300 on the forecourt back in sept 2007 & it hasn't really been high maintence, i get 400 miles to a tank full & ive done 30'000+ in 18months & still drives like a dream. Once ya spoilt ya self with a Lexus you'll never go back. The only advice i will say is make sure you get 1 with a 3 button remote for the doors & boot, if not it can cost in the range of £2000+, so beware.
  12. If your only getting 38mpg on a motorway then i'd take it back to your dealer as they state IS 220d SE fuel economy figures: extra-urban 58.9mpg (4.8L/100km), urban 39.8mpg (7.1L/100km), combined 50.4mpg (5.6L/100km).
  13. Cheers guys, all sorted & working now
  14. After some info, my head unit flashes waiting when you push the load button & thats it, abit of clonking from inside but doesn't come up with load, any ideas?????
  15. The rear brake discs rust which swell & catch on the back plate lip, easy repair....... Chock the front wheels up, jack up & remove the wheels, brake calipers, release the hand brake & remove the brake discs, look careful at the lip & you'll see where its catching on the lip. easy way is scrap the rust out of the discs. Hope this helps... & to add, i found today that the rear shoe spring clip is catching on the studs in the hub & making a metal noise too.
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