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  1. My friend i have the same problem with error3. You have to change over to a 2003 up model audio system. Connections at the back must be the same as these two do the same thing just changed the cdslot position. If anyone has the o.e.m part # interested. If anyone with 2003 is 200 up willing to give model and chassis, then could easily ordered from lexus.
  2. I had a problem : oil pump outer seal was pushed out when using 10w-40. Now i turned in to 10w-30 as reccomented by Lexus
  3. engine oil: 5w-30 or 10w-30 semi or fully synth. api sj,gf-2, ilsac certification manual gearbox:api gl-3, sae 85w-90 engine oil if fully synth up to 10.000 miles semi synth.5000 miles Gearbox: every 60.000 miles or if severe use/very wet envir. 25.000 - 30.000 miles good luck
  4. ok. oil seal actually is being build on a metallic ring. After the rubber cover of seal is going away the metallic ring is grinfing the inner side of the oil pump gear (driven by timing belt) will check oil pressure...but again the ? remains why there is more than enough pressure? relief valve is there to assist with excessive oil pressure. ok maybe thee are 2 probs. excessive oil presure and stuck relief valve... ok. tomorrow will replac the oil seal again and place a new timing belt. Now i'm trying 10w-30 and will see... Thanks anyway.
  5. I'm talking about the oil seal that's behind the oil pumb gear being driven by the timing belt. When the old seal (factory) was removed there was no sigh of of any type of adhesive/sealant being used. besides the pressure is so great which is actually grinding the inner of the timing belt gear, so no sealand or locktight will be ever possible to hold it.
  6. Hi all, i was using 10w-40 havoline for 45000 kms and for 2nd time the oil pump is pushing out the oil seal. That happens at highway speed not is town. Is it excessive oil presure or what? pls help. Going to try 10w30 morris for less miles between oil changes. Many thanks...
  7. Hi all , would like to know what engine oil would be more suitable to the 6 cyl. eng. thanks
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