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  1. Hi Dave, Welcome Along. I'm not rich enough to have owned an LS460 just yet but if there only half as reliable as the old 400/430s they will be ok. The interior on the 460 is absolutely superb, I love them a lot & like you I plan to own one in the near future so will keep my eye on your replies with interest. Good Luck in your search. Don
  2. I was going to have a "Punt" on this one despite the milage. I was thinking £1200 might buy it. Then I realiesd who was selling it. !!!
  3. True, by changing the pads the squealing will stop. That is what my mechanic said. However after paying £65 for genuine Lexus pads I didn't want to change them for cheap £40 ones. The noise never really bothered me & does go once the car has warmed up. Apart from the squark the brakes were very good. They squealed mainly at low speed when you just touch the pedal to crawl to a stop, They didn't seem to squeal when you braked hard. The pads fitted are much thicker than the cheaper ones & they have not done to many miles. I'm sure that after another few thousand miles they will quieten down on there own.
  4. A cuppa & chat would have been great. I had all day spare but I understand you was in a hurry. Next time maybe.
  5. Hi Guys, That was me in sittingbourne.P717 HMM. I had just left left my sisters house in Sittingbourne & was on the way to visit a sick friend in Herne bay & observing the speed ,limit .when another LS I now know to be Malc came past me like a bat out of hell. I did to try to catch you up Malc but got caught behind a large lorry waiting to turn right. I saw you in the rear view briefly & the next moment you was along side me on kickdown.(Sounded good)Had you flashed me up I would have stopped for a chat
  6. DJDON


    I've had a 2003 03 Plate RX300 Nearly 10 years now. 79000 miles on the clock & all I have ever replaced is an emission sensor which was £250 but apart from that I've never had a problem.
  7. Welcome Along. I'd love a nice 430 myself but heard they are not as good as the 400 so would be interested to hear how you get on with it. I look forward to seeing the photos too. Personally I think they are amazing cars. I absolutely love the interior & all the wood, especially from 2004 onwards.
  8. I have searched for such a kit myself. Found them for pretty much every car except the Lexus LS400. I much prefer the LS400 body shape but I love the interior of the LS430. particularly the wood.
  9. DJDON


    HI Mike Welcome to the club. Regarding your leak. Check the drain holes in your sunroof. If they get blocked the water finds its way to the passenger footwell. Get a long piece of curtain rod & poke it through the hole until it comes out underneath the car & it will clear it.
  10. Happy Birthday DJDON!

  11. Looks to me like another excellent Lexus. I am hoping to buy one similar next year. I have had a LS400 for the past 6 years & I am very happy with it. Apart from the electric aerial stuck half way I have had no problems with it al all. I do like the look of the LS430 though. Good luck with your fantastic looking LS Twin.
  12. DJDON

    My Lexus

    Lexus LS 400
  13. It is in fact a faulty "Oxygen Sensor". Boxbrownie. Thanks for explaining that Chris, Yes the engine management light is on & petrol is heavy. 16mpg on the computer which was showing 19.7 before the oxygen sensor packed up.
  14. I have just been quoted over £200 for just an Air filter on a 2003 Lexus RX300. Surely this cant be right. Any advice please :( Turns out to be because it has an "OXYGEN SENSOR".. I found one on ebay via the USA for £91 plus shipping. The vehicle has only ever done 19 MPG but now its down to 16 MPG? Apart from the petrol consumption Will it cause any damage If I do not replace this "Oxygen Sensor" ?
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