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  1. A quick call earlier today to the nice man on the lexus technical helpline confirmed the looms are interchangeable :) so loom swap and satnav is scheduled for this sunday! I'll report back on how I get on. Cheers all
  2. Dont bother because it wont work, or because of the effort involved in removing the interior and swapping the loom? I know it probably doesn't seem worth it to most people and I hear what your saying about just buying and fitting a sony satnav, but I don't have a problem putting in what I already have it if its going to work afterwards.
  3. Having a bit of an arguement with my dad and my brother at the moment, and I'm hoping somebody can help settle it! This is the story: I have bought an is 200 sport with satnav to break. One of the things I want to do is put the satnav into my is 200 SE. The satnav wiring is part of the main wiring loom which isnt a problem to me, and I plan to change the complete loom over from the sport. However my bro, and my dad seem to think that my car wont work afterwards and that the loom will be wrong/wont fit the SE. I have pointed out to them that apart from the satnav the 2 cars are identical in spec and equipment, everything works in both of the cars and that the sport is only 6 months older than the SE. So Has anyone else swapped thair loom to fit the satnav and did you encounter any problems? Many thanks!
  4. Ok, I'll give that a go! Hopefully nobody else has "had a go" at it already, as there was no screws holding it to the bracket when I took it all out earlier! Which arm rest are you refering to? The centre console one?
  5. I've just bought myself an is 200 to break. It has the satnav in, which I'm going to put into my is 200. I need to put a standard stereo in again so the satnav works, but the one in the breaker has the usual err3 problem. What are my options here? Do I need to find a working stereo or is there something else I can do?
  6. Her car is the smaller 134bhp one not the 180. I wouldnt even bother if it was the 180 one!
  7. My new girlfriend is into cars :D She keeps on at me to race her in her 206 GTi. I've said I'm not racing on the road but I'll more than happily take her on at santa pod or round a circuit. Her car is standard apart from the exhaust backbox, and my lexus is standard bar a k&N panal filter. I've no doubt she will do me on pullaway but I think once the lexus gets going I think I should have the edge. So what do people think? Am I going to be ok here or Am I just going to end up looking silly? I wont hear the end of it if she beats me!.
  8. On top of the suspention turrets are some unused tapped holes. I screwed mine onto there.
  9. Might not be quite so bad if it actually sounded like a dump valve! I put a proper dump valve on my old escort turbo diesel, made it sound like it ought to be a lot quicker than it ever was!
  10. Again, welcome! You wont regret buying an IS200.
  11. My Dad's IS200 auto is like that. I prefer it not trying to creep forward too much and yes they do lurch backwards if your not carefull with the throttle!
  12. I'm going to refurbish the wheels myself as I have my own workshop. Ideally I wanted to have two or more to paint at a time to save washing the spray gun out more than I have to, plus I want to polish the outside edges of the wheels which is somthing most refurb places wont do or will charge a fortune to do.
  13. The wheels on my lex are looking real scruffy so I'm going to refurbish them. What I need are a set or a pair of wheels to bung on the car whilst i do them. Anybody know what will fit other than the obvious toyota/Lexus wheels?
  14. Looks like legal action is the only way forward. Seems lexus are clearly not interested in a problem that I also am experiencing [mines knocked out its OSF tyre!] Mr legal can shout louder than any of us can.
  15. That would make sense as mines a 2000 W. not sure which one I like best and will put on with the new bumper yet.
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