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  1. Prices ok mate. These genuine or aftermarket?
  2. Have a heater problem in my is200 sport 1999. Driver side heater workin fine, cold and hot but passenger side only cold air commin out even if engine is hot. Where is problem please help.
  3. anyone know where can but it? Dont need pumps just want top parts.
  4. buy twice! Thats true!!! I used discs from ebay for 2 months and again then got brand new from lexus for £140. Will use long time.
  5. ok Thx. That one is l6 2.0 not v6 3.0 just wanna know it. Some people said that engine code is 1G-GE and some 1G-FE. Now i know 100% 1G-FE. Thank u.
  6. I need engine for my Lexus is200 1999, found one on ebay taken from sport cross 2003. This will be straight for my car? Maybe you know where i can buy good engine/?
  7. mrnightrain


    Pieknie sie prezentuje, super auto!!!
  8. Thank u. This is problem for me b'cause ebay sellers told me that 1G-GE r good for my car. Now im stupid They told me 1G-GE, u said 1G-FE.
  9. Hi. Im Dominik n im new on this site. Need help. My is 200 (1999) need new engine but i dont know what is engine code 1G-FE or 1G-GE, somebody there whos know it? Also let me know what is different between this engines. Thank u.
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