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  1. I have the diagram for the rs200,give me one more day to post up. I'd be intrested in that too ... just in case ;) btw i recognise your avatar ... are the the same ck as on the Singapore club? Hi ,Noel happy new year.Yes,i am ck from singapore club. i have the wiring diagram,but not sure how to post the pdf file at here? any one can help?
  2. I have the diagram for the rs200,give me one more day to post up.
  3. sorry mate.Is USD200. I AM BUYING FROM HERE Thank,and what mod?how to become to Gold member?
  4. Moderators Note: Only Gold Members are entitled to offer good for sale
  5. Thank,i am geting the info from here.and i am trying to transla all to eng.
  6. SXE10 Altettsa Method of correcting error margin of speed meter after final gears are exchanged Necessary tool etc. Plus driver Retractable knife Vinyl tape The electric wire about 1m Another The normal final gear before the minor change of Altettsa RS200 MT mission comes to get off on the right when it changes this into 4.3 and 4.5 by 4.1. However, the problem occurs as going out of the error margin to the speed meter, and no street to the car inspection, etc.It is this method to improve it. It is taken from the sensor of the velocity of the car of same ABS as the automatic transmission car though the sensor of the velocity of the car is taken from the mission in normality when easily explaining. It fiddles with an electric relation, and remove a minus terminal of the battery, please. Two screws in the upper part of the meter are removed. Three screws that stop the cover under the steering wheel are removed. Please pull and remove meter cover. (The image is a state to remove meter cover. ) Please remove three screws that fasten meter ASSY, and drag meter ASSY forward. Because two couplers follow at this time, it is removed. Please pull and remove the cover under the steering wheel. The keyhole is pulled as it is, the hose is connected with the other side, and take care, please. ..especial.. though it is not necessary to become nervous. The work related to electricity starts finally. Please look at one with a large coupler in the back of the meter. There are a red, yellow two color line. It is a line enclosed with green yen that is reflected in the image. This is cut, and the coating is peeled off. The electric wire of about 1m prepared in this ties. One of the line is taken near the ABS computer that exists in the following image in the dashboard. It is ..connector D11 12.. terminal. Please roll with the vinyl tape and insulate one of the cut line. Meter ASSY ..coupler.. .... is installed on meter ASSY. The place enclosed with green under the steering wheel is ABS computer. Please remove the coupler indicated by the finger. (Become the third under the second from on. ) It is an image of the removed coupler. The electric wire connected to the position enclosed with green a little while ago ties. (Please peel off the coating beforehand. ) It is ..connector D36 16.. terminal. From the other side of coupler that is reflected in image only to my throwing in electric wire though there is tie method variouslyHowever, there is a possibility of coming off when it is this method. Please take care. It is possible to have done in about one hour of me (Among those, include it during about as much as 30 minutes in time to have had an outstaring game with the wiring diagram).
  7. Altezza exchanging engine oil It easily explains the method of the oil change. Oil is very hot, there is danger of the burn immediately after running, and work, please after it gets cold. It is 7500km or six months for a severe condition. The capacity of the engine oil is 4.8L of both M/T・A/T of the car equipped with 3S-GE engine. When the oil filters are exchanged at the same time, it becomes 5.1L. Please take care about an oil can on the market because most is 4L can. Please remove the oil filler cap before pulling out oil. After it removes, it is noted that garbage doesn't enter here. It is reflected at the center, and is cap of a black resin in the image. Please turn anti-clockwise. Because oil is not put in the reason to remove this cap before the drain bolt is removed when it is not possible to remove by assuming the cap to be times so after oil is pulled out because it is hard. It is a drain bolt that has adhered to the oil pan this. It comes off when this is anti-clockwise turned. Oil comes out Dobaa-at the same time as coming off of course, and receive it with something, please. It will violate it about a sure law when throwing it away as it is. The engine starts for 1-2 minutes when oil is put in. Please check the amount of oil with the oil level gauge after about five minutes have passed since the engine stopped. It is OK if there is oil between the upper bound and the lower bound (Potti of the gauge) of the gauge. The oil element has adhered just beside the oil pan. Oil comes out a little when removing. When the element is removed, it is anti-clockwise
  8. Altettsa Method of exchanging LSDoil. It easily explains the method of the oil change. Oil is very hot, there is danger of the burn immediately after running, and work, please after it gets cold. Please remove the filler plug (bolt) before pulling out oil. After it removes, it is noted that garbage doesn't enter here. Please turn anti-clockwise. Because oil is not put in the reason to remove this cap before the drain bolt is removed when it is not possible to remove by assuming the cap to be times so after oil is pulled out because it is hard. This is a drain bolt. It comes off when this is anti-clockwise turned. Oil comes out Dobaa-at the same time as coming off of course, and receive it with something, please. After Oil is put in . The amount of oil overflows and goes out. However, please note oil hard, and entering only slowly. The oil that overflows and came out is wiped off, and it tightens a bolt. It completes it by this.
  9. SXE10 Altezza Method of not operating ABS&TRC Notes This method is addition RS200 3S-GE M/T ABS&TRC It ..-'.. is applied to cars up to 01.5. Please never do to other cars. I hope remodeling in every single person's responsibility moreover. If this remodeling is done on the street, it is likely to become the breach of contract of the voluntary insurance It opens the hood. The box displayed as RELAY&FUSE in this side of the battery is opened. It is possible to remove to Sg only because there are three Tsme. It is a relay that a green, forward reflected blue, square thing operates ABS&TRC. These two pieces are pulled up and it pulls it out. Please pull it out carefully so as not to bend the terminal. It is an image after the relay is pulled out. Please run after closing the box.
  10. SXE10 Altettsa HKS F-CON Vpro air Flores specification It is ALTEZZA RS200 minor change preceding vehicle Specification D JETRO(air Flores) Rebrimit 8500 rpm There is no speed limit. Ignition cutting type(If the condition becomes complete, the fire is blown from the muffler. ) Engine room When making it to air Flores, Sacshompaip was exchanged for air Flores though Rashingsaction of HKS was installed first. Moreover, the heat shield plate is installed, and the heat of the engine room is prevented from influencing as much as possible. It is a place where indicating it by the finger installs the hose of the vacuum sensor. When Eacri of normality is removed, this part is closed, and when the vacuum sensor is put up in air Flores, here is easy and is good. This is a main body of the vacuum sensor, and made in DENSO. The white, round one that is sideways is a filter. Is it excellent in the response that this is not?However, it is effective for the protection of the main body of the sensor. Sticking at the center of Sacshompaip is a suction temperature sensor. Eafrosensar & suction temperature sensor connector remains when making it to air Flores. The resistance of 2.2k-2.8kΩ is put on the suction temperature sensor harness of the connector. I think that this is because of the signal's not entering pure CPU because it removed the sensor and becoming in a slump. The imitation signal of about 20℃ in suction temperature is sent by putting this resistance. Use parts HKS F-CON Vpro(money professional) Harness 39,000 yen for F-CON Altettsa(Is the price high for air Flores?) Pressure sensor(made in DENSO 949940-6110 5V) Hose for pressure sensor(When pure Eacri is removed, the remaining hose is used. ) Suction temperature sensor (made of HKS)6,000 yen Harness (2.5m in length made of HKS)3,000 yen for pressure sensor and suction temperature sensor One resistance(Install it on the range and the normal suction temperature sensor connector of 2.2k-2.8kΩ. ) HKS Rashingsaction(It is a good duck in the power flow if it makes it to the air Flores specification at the time of beginning. ) Air Flores pipe(made of HKS perhaps) Heat shield plate(one off in any shop?) The orange lamp of empty doesn't light to be awful the error margin of the fuel gauge, and to enter by 50 liters in the gas station after installing F-CON Vpro. This becomes Gaskets if it doesn't take care. Reference image It is an image of Eafro & suction temperature sensor of the purity installed on HKS Rashingsaction (black object that is length at the center). The projecting iron plate is a guide from both ends of the pipe (right and left) from which being to lead the inhalation air to Eafrosensar. All these parts disappear, and it becomes a free pipe when making it to air Flores. Then, the resistance of the inhalation air decreases, and more air enters.
  11. Altettsa Bonnet obtaining pin (Bonn pin) installation Carbon and FRP bonnet installed in lightening. However, what shall we do when flying while running?It is good-looking and I want to put up the Bonn pin. It introduces the installation position of the Bonn pin here though the reason is various First of all, two-place hole is open to a just good sideward place of Rageetar though it is an installation position of the bolt. The inside in that is used. The installation becomes difficult, and when the bolt is applied to an outside hole, it is not possible to install well and to do because the Bonn pin comes to the line where the bonnet just swelled. Moreover, holes are smaller than inside. Because the height of the bolt becomes an actual thing match, the nut is not suddenly tightened Naturally, when the bolt is large, it is not possible to install it though the diameter of the bolt only has to be smaller than that of the hole that is the opening to the body. Please buy the reamer like the image in the do-it-yourself store, do to Grigri by the hand, and expand the hole when you do not have it though it is an easy thing with an electric drill. It might possibly have the reamer if there is a person who is doing the friend the radio controller The processing of the bonnet opens the other side a little greatly. The table side is set to the position of the bolt well and opened carefully. The hole is seen in the table when failing here. Do it open small, and if the hole is expanded later with iron Yasri, is the failing establishment a little? It will not work earnestly only by power. (w persuaded to me) Finished image. It became this direction at the end when it ..direction of the installation.. worried variously. I think that you should change the direction of the installation according to the shape of the bonnet. However, when the thing flies while running by any chance when the ring installs it forward (direction where the ring is lifted behind the body), it comes in contact, the ring rises, the pin comes off, and the bonnet comes. Finally, the striker of normality doesn't remove the vehicle (vehicle where the car inspection is passed) with the number.
  12. SXE10 Altettsa Method of exchanging spark plugs Necessary tool Plug wrench(16mm) Ratchet wrench About 150mm in the extension bar Six corner wrench(5mm) Hex-head seven bolts (green circle) where the engine head cover is stopped are removed. The oil filler cap (red circle) is turned to the anti-clock circumference and it removes. A plastic ring remains in the engine head cover at this time. I do not think that it loses removing this together easily. The engine head cover is removed up. Pakkin pastes to the engine head, it is attached, and is likely not to come off easily. Please close the oil filler cap so that the foreign body should not enter in the engine head when you remove the engine head cover. The connector of the direct ignition coil is removed The bolt of the direct ignition coil is removed. The direct ignition coil is pulled out up. Garbage must never enter the hole after pulling out the coil. Please blow off garbage due to air cancer etc. if it enters. Otherwise, it enters the combustion chamber when the plug is removed, and, in the worst case, the engine breaks. The plug has already been seen by this. The plug can be removed if it turns to the anti-clock circumference with the plug wrench. Removing by this ends. The installation is opposite ..this... The tightening torque of the plug is 17.5N・m(179kgf・cm). However, please follow the handling manual of the plug for a new plug. The plug wrench maintains the plug like the image. The plug is not maintained in a usual 16mm wrench, it remains in the engine head, and use a special wrench, please
  13. HI.,i'm newbie here, just join the club....hope can share some info from kaipower with u all. Altezza Octopus reed installation procedure Chapter AT It installs it in A/T car for using M/T HKS super -header Altettsa SXE10 RS200 3SG automatic car owner is must see. EX manifold HKS super-header. U installation processing & points As for Altettsa SXE10 3S automatic car, the EX manifold of the sports type is not sold. This is fatal for the NA twin cam engine. Is "It is tuning car and do not exist" the same as deserting? It is too awful. The EX manifold of the sports type is indispensable for the NA car to raise power. HKS super-header there according to the owner's demand. U (for 6M/T) decided to be installed. It attends it by the type divide into two because of the small processing. It is possible to install it only by installing the O2 sensor adaptor. The processing of the muffler side is unnecessary. However, because the catalyst disappears, it returns or muffler Assy for 6M/T is necessary for the car inspection. First of all, EX manifold Assy of purity is detached. It removes without forgetting the sensor coupler two places. It hides oneself the end panel and behind the engine head and it exists. There is no worry that makes a mistake in the connection because the shape of the coupler is ..various.. different. It is heavily-..saying.. . anyway when removing. Because two catalysts are installed as for the automatic car, it is heavier. It becomes lightening in the so much. The O2 sensor that has adhered in front of the catalyst is removed. Because they are very expensive parts, let's treat politely. Please wipe off with Ues lightly if the sensor is dirty with the carbon and clean it. It is not goodness of the cleaner etc. earnestly ..spraying... The cylinder that has adhered the sensor is remembered. By the way, it has arrived by 1 piece for - thethird - the4th per first/second. HKS super-header that this installs this time. It is UEX manifold (for 6M/T). The hole of the reception desk pipe is O2 sensor installation hole for 6M/T. In 6M/T car, the number of O2 sensors is one. The catalyst is a muffler and on earth a structure. First of all, HKS super-header. The installation position of the sensor is decided temporarily setting fire U to the vehicle. To become near the position of purity as much as possible, the position is decided. The hole is cleared detaching it if the position is decided so that the sensor may enter. The amount of the projection in the sensor point is also important. The adaptor is plane with compare it purely and it adjusts it. The adaptor was installed by such feeling. It finished it up by the argon welding of good. It is ..shape.. - one.. somehow. The hole of the O2 sensor for 6M/T car is closed with the bolt. The bolt of M/T and Def for Toyota AE86 for the OIL hole is Pittanco. This size bolt almost thinks that it is lustful and the misappropriation is easy of Toyota-affiliated. It is cheap even if it buys it with the new article. (Pakkin is not forgotten. ) It is an installation image. It can be a good doing. Well, engine start. Because the memory of CPU is reset, it is an idling instability symptom of customary. removed the battery Idling are considerably more painful than the expectation. Lighting of check lamp it when rotation is raised several times treading on the accelerator-. There is no reaction even if the rotation rises this time, and it pushes the accelerator down additionally. (sweat) An abnormal system accelerator and it diagnoses and it urgent evasion mode/is displayed that it examines it well. There is no change even if CPU is reset again. 。(hard fight for about 2-3 hours) It is reluctant and a part car delivery. When the engine will be started the next day, it is as quite unquestionable as the lie. The explosion is running while studying. It is power UP overall. The worried volume is a change in the extent about which it is not anxious. It is feelings good EX sound. Consequentially, the accelerator is not depressed, and stops by the engine start and the engine stole when the memory of CPU is reset. It might be the best to repeat the re-start tens of times honestly. No CPU that there is a habit in. A strange signal might have been input to CPU pushing the accelerator down too much. It seems to return normally when starting again after the O2 sensor is completely cooled of such a case. Anyway, it is your "There is no accelerator up to idling ..stepping... " There seems to be no exchange problem because Altettsa has the cell motor on the other side even if the battery terminal is not removed because there seems to be not short worry either. Attention The metal etc. must not touch battery + terminal one-in this case. When welding working in the state that parts place to two-vehicle, the battery is removed without fail. It fears and it exists about the electrical equipment part damage. (The welding operation in the state that parts place to the vehicle doesn't go this time. )
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