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  1. you may find the info at
  2. they are a dealer only part as found out when i had to change mine however i got mine from here and i think i payed £130 which was a good saving for the same part they get big discounts so they are cheaper us going to lexus or toyota
  3. surely there must be an alternative somewhere outhere? maybe some led type or something!
  4. search for toyota aristo on piston heads and you will see one on there
  5. yeah your right Aido , another thing has just come to mind , they can even turn proper technical on you .for example if it was the otherway round and was insured as an aristo they could say "we have to go by what the v5 says " then what? either way you cant win my renewal is up soon so will see what happens this time if i havent sold her by then so whats on your v5 then aido?
  6. @Anees , i see your point but when mentioning to insurers that its an import they should ask the relevent questions dont you think? i mean they shouldnt expect everyone to know a great deal on cars like us LOL, for arguments sake i could just be someone who dont know anything about cars but just bought the car and want to insure it and all i know that it is lexus gs300 but was told its an import to explain the toyota bits here and there
  7. yes its an aristo so it does start with jzs161 , and i insure it as gs300 import and mention it everytime when renewing policies that its a japanese import. my car has lexus badges and gs300 on the boot many people in japan have changed it to lexus badges which is why i think my car has them altough i would prefer toyota on the car . anyway with regards to insurance in my case THEY are insuring a gs300 IMPORT so should any claim arise surely they would know that it will be different to uk spec ?
  8. at the back of the glove box you will have to remove the rectangular partwhich just slides upwards then directly behind that is the pollen filter ,to remove that you have to pull on the plastic grips which are there and it should come out
  9. would be nice to see what other aftermarket sub would fit and suit the stock amp as the standard sub one is pretty expensive!
  10. yes the number is on the bulkhead. Also my v5 says gs300 s auto but it definately is an aristo v300,i did a poll on clubaristo a while back and it turns quite a few aristo's out there are registered as gs's and all sorts ...........dvla dont know jack! or whoever fills them forms out lol,its alright for me though cheaper to get insured
  11. yeah the shows are kinda the same now ...yeah ive got a mk2 aristo £1200 is what i payed as first time policy bear in mind my logbook says gs300 import ...thats with adrian flux :D
  12. i bought mine for £5000 im 25 and payed £1200 last year on a first time policy on my name with no claims . the thing is with aristo's some V5's say toyota aristo turbo and some say lexus gs300 so mine is insured as lexus gs300 import do you go to santapod? we go every year mainly japshow
  13. exactly thats why you gotta be PIMPIN now lol! so whats your lets say "budget then"? im tellin you get an aristo there not stupidly fast there about 280-300 bhp standard but considering the weight of these cars there not that fast unless u mod them . ive never looked back. plus mine has a proper factory screen that you can convert to freeveiw tv (on my to do list) i use to drive 200sx's corolla gt mark 1's mr2's etc lol! funny that i bought mine from b'ham aswell
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