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  1. Lexus said the tyres were very soft, so I shelled out £450 for four new Dunlop Sportmaxx and thie has certainly improved things, though it is still not as sure footed as my old IS220.
  2. Thanks for this, I'm taking it to Lexus tomorrow for a check - I will update on here with news of anything they find (or don't find!)
  3. I think they are right, but I got a Tuning Box when I had my 220d - it was about £300, super simple to fit and gave improved performance mid-high range, but not much low down, i.e. still had that terrible "lag" when pulling away, etc. Fuel consumption stayed pretty much the same (they said it would improve it...) so not sure it was worth it and eventually took the thing off and sold it on e-Bay. After having it for a year I did notice the slight dip in performance after I removed it but not much. My view - not worth it (also invalidates the warranty and ups the insurance premium by a little).
  4. Thanks for the replies. I think I will get them changed to match.
  5. It is 2007 (56 plate though), 29500 miles. I think I will take it to Lexus for a check in light of what you say. Thanks.
  6. I have to say I don't agree so far, my old IS220d was much more stable. Taking bends at higher speed in the 250 feels like I am in a boat! Tyre pressures are correct, maybe it is just a soft suspension but I don't have anything like the same confidence in the 250 as I did in my 220d unfortunately, and it is certainly less fun! No doubt the 250 is built for civilised comfort only...? Re the previous post, as an Advanced and "response" trained police driver I do know how to take bends but (just for example) in the "quick flowing series of fast bends" type roads which usually suit and allow continuous on/off throttle control mid corner it just does not feel right at all, as I say the car is rocking like a boat and does not feel glued to the road like other cars I drive, maybe it is just a characteristic I need to get used to or maybe a sporty Beemer would suit my driving style better (I'm not a mad boy racer though, always drive to the car and conditions - honest!)
  7. Thanks for all the replies, I'm suitably reassured. Re the "running away" comment, in a manual car if you take a sweeping bend in say, 3rd or 4th gear you have the speed in check because of the limitation of the gear range but if in the same manual car you were in 5th or 6th on the same bend you would not have the limit of a lower gear making sure the car didn't "drift" round and start going faster than you would like if you know what I mean. Thats why I was worried seeing 5/6 gear displayed even on bends! In other words keeping it in a lower gear gives more speed control on a bend. I know it makes no difference on straight run and is better to be in high gear then, as mentioned in one of the above posts. I know I can always use the manual overide in my automatic on such bends but it seemed a bit daft to have to do that. Anyhow, if you all think it won't be a problem that's great. Thanks again
  8. I've just got myself an IS250 SE-L auto and when I am going along in "Drive" I have been watching from the display what gear the vehicle is selcting as we go along. The worrying thing is that all I need to be doing is 40 mph and the car goes into 5th gear, and it will go up to 6th gear at anything from 45 mph upwards! Surely this is far to low a speed for these gears to be automatically assigned - I don't want to be going round a 30-40 mph gradual bend for example in 5th or 6th gear - it may run away with me! Is this normal for the car or do you think I have a fault? Any views/expereinces would be gratefully received before I call Lexus. Many thanks
  9. I've just brought an IS250 second hand and the front tyres have different tread patterns. One has the diagonal trad and the other just the "straight" tread lines (not sure of the correct terminology!). The garage said that was fine and that is how it passed it's MOT but the handbook says all tyres should have the same pattern. Do you know if this is an issue I need to address? By the way, driving it today in the rain, going not very fast I promise, the car felt all over the place - very unstable and gave me no confidence whatsoever, unlike the IS220d I traded in which was very sure footed. I'm beginning to wonder if I have made a mistake...!
  10. Thanks for the replies. Many ads for Lexus IS250's state CVT so that is odd. The only reason I'm thinking of changing to the 250 is because it is in my view more "refined" and quieter than the 220d, maybe altogether a bit more civilised if you like. I have to say that unlike others on here I have had no problems with my 220d, it is a lovely car, 55 plate with 60k, though I've only had it 15 months. There are some good deals at present on 250's, even the full spec I am looking for (SE-L with MM) so though I don't really need to change if I can snap up a bargain now I'll probably go for it. I have to say though that although like all the Lexus diesels I suffer from the "lag" when pulling away, the torque is very good at middle/high speed and suprisinlgy given the praise I read about them on this forum the 250 seemed a bit more sluggish in the same range if you needed to put your foot down so still not 100% decided!
  11. I'm looking to change my IS220d for a IS250. Browsing through the car ads many are 250 CVT - hope it's not a silly question but what does CVT stand for?
  12. thanks for your advice, gunther. Any Extended warranty should be purchased before original 3 years warranty run out? mine will end next week YES - do it now. You have two choices: Lexus - will be best, but this will be expensive! But. Probably worth it! After market - such as WHAT CAR? or WARRANTY DIRECT - both will be cheaper, an I think people on other forums do buy these and say they are OK - but personally I would go with Lexus! You buy an expensive car, so there's no point skimping on peace of mind. Jst make sur you ask them what it DOESN'T Cover Very thanksful Just check my V5 logo book, warranty has run out today. Do not any chance to extend it. Its only cost 210pounds per year from Warranty Direct. ^^ The manufacturer warranty on my Lexus 220d SE-L ran out 31 Dec 2008 but they let me buy an extended Lexus warranty 3 month later at the end of March! At that time they were also doing a special deal, 15 months for the price of 12, so £680 for 15 months which is good. So it may be worth contacting the Lexus warranty people or your dealer to ask if you can still get an extended warranty - and if there are any offers!
  13. That is a REAL pain - what on Earth are Lexus thinking?? Big disapointment.
  14. Hi Most cars these days have electric mirrors that auto fold in when you turn the ignition off but it seems with Lexus I must press the fold-away button each time - or do I? Does anyone know if the mirrors can be programmed to fold in automatically when ignition is turned off / fold out again when restarted? Thanks
  15. Not so simple I'm afraid - when I place the pointer on the location I get nothing!!
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