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  1. all through the pillars at each corner and down into the wheel well
  2. Some ****** tried doing it to me the other day in a Q7 he came off the roundabout went to the inside lane of the roundabout then wanted to push me across so he could come over to the lane i was in, we were both nearly at a standstill as i wasn't letting him over then he desides to be up my arse down a duel carrageway flashing lights and horn, now the story gets better I came to a red light with him up my arse still then he gets out of the car starts storming over to my car, he bashes on my window so by this time thats enough im getting my trusty softball bat out the rear seat he sees me reaching around to get it and starts going back to his car, which is right behind mine and other traffic to the side of him so he carnt go anywhere TRAPED, This when he starts to apoligise out his car window, i start laughing and say come on then you want to be a big man now, the look on his wifes face was awesome. the moral of the story dont try to be as big as your car ---- unless you really are lol
  3. i like this thraed the way i see it is the IS200 is a smooth car not been in an auto so carnt comment on that but been in a auto altezza (3sge) that was the worst box ive had a play with, the IS300 well its a smooth car, the box on the 300 might be smoother than the 200 so wharrrrttttt get out there and drive the thing and make it put a smile on your face. if you want an armchair cruiser have a look at the GS and LS range they are cheap and very comfortable PS I HATE AUTOS
  4. ive got stanard 5 spokes with tyre but they 100% deffo need a refurb
  5. ^^^^ you do relise this the last post before yours was in 2009
  6. I dont see the point of doing it if your car is set up correct they should last quite a while
  7. If going with a cone i would recommend the Apexi cone filter
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