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  1. I don't mind spraying it if I need to, but it's strathcaron blue. I have standard bumpers but I'm not sure whether to change them tte or others. How much do bumpers normally cost?
  2. Unfortunatley last night I hit a fox, which in turn has busted my front bumper. So I need a new bumper, does anyone have one they are wanting to sell? Or do you know where I can get one?
  3. i have a cone from a previous car, but need the pipe work. cant find the pipework anywhere! any help appreciated
  4. does anyone have one for sale or know where i can buy one for the is200? many thanks
  5. does anyone know if their is a certain way to get the speaker grilles off the speakers in the rear shelf? i've tried popping the off but dont want to scatch them up it this is not the way. any help appreciated
  6. just one more thing.... what did you do about the remote wire to the amp?
  7. perfect, just what im after, many thanx did this chande the sound quality at all??
  8. do you know where i can get the convertor? just to clarify, the RCA lead would come off the rear speakers to the amp? instead of from the stereo thanx again
  9. hi, does anyone know if its possible to fit a sub an amp to the original lexus head unit? many thanx
  10. really?? was hoping it would be slighty more than that!
  11. does anyone know where i can get 4 centre caps for my 5 spoke lexus is200 sport alloys? some little git nicked them overnight? phoned lexus and nearly fell of my chair! any help would be appreciated
  12. hi everyone, im toying with selling my car, its a is200 sport '03 plate with all the usuals heated seats leather etc..... its done 63000 miles, fully serviced. how much do you think i would get fore it?? many thanx
  13. i dont need the induction kit, just the pipe???
  14. hi, does anyone know where i can get a stainless steel indusction pipe for my is200? also which engine hoses are best to get?? many thanx
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