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  1. While sitting still in traffic with engine well warmed up, I hear an intermittent buzzing noise coming from somewhere in front of me. It's not a rattle. It sounds electronic. Comes and goes every few minutes. Any ideas?
  2. I believe it can be done by going into settings using the buttons on the right of the steering wheel and then scrolling down to meter settings. There you can select what is shown on the small info screen in front of you.
  3. I have a 6 mile trip to work every morning. I have been getting about 26-27 mpg on each occasion. The temperature has been cold 1-2 degrees and the seat heater has been on. Is that mpg what is to be expected or is that bad?
  4. Does anyone know how to get the trip computer to display data from start of trip? My screen shows Mpg from reset and also Mpg from refill. How do you get it to show Mpg/time elapsed/distance travelled, since starting vehicle? Thanks.
  5. My voice command doesn't seem to understand a thing I say - when I say 'radio' it starts calling my brother's phone! Do other people find it works well?
  6. The exterior, paint finish, 19'' rims, interior with the dark rose leather, the driver's seat is ultra comfy, the stereo is excellent, the adaptive cruise.
  7. Also the heated seats aren't that hot are they? The cabin heater isn't too hot either.
  8. Cheers. I think the system is working but I don't like to think I'm causing a nuisance on the road!
  9. Thank you. Coming from a Merc, I have to say there is a certain lack of logic to the Lexus set-up. Maybe the Germans just pay more heed to the small details.
  10. Was driving in the dark a tonight. Had the headlights on with Adaptive High-beam System. Several cars flashed me. I thought this system was meant to ensure that other drivers were not blinded. Am I doing something wrong? The ambient lighting under the door trim strips is almost invisible - is there a way to turn it up? I have the dash lighting at max. Thank you!
  11. I have a couple of question re my new GS300h - would be very grateful for any help! 1. How do you mute the navigation voice guidance? 2. If you're listening to music and the nav voice guidance is on, is there a setting that mutes the music so that you can hear the guidance? 3. If you're on a phonecall and the nav voice guidance is on, is there a setting that stops her giving guidance while you're on the phone? Many thanks.
  12. I listen to my music via a 64gb USB stick. I have 5 different folders on it - General Music A-Z, Compilations, Soundtracks, Irish Music, Classical. In my previous cars ( Audi A6/5-Series) the system showed the 5 folders. Then I could go into which ever folder I wanted and select the artist/album/track that I wished to listen to. In the Lexus it seems to have merged the 5 folders together. Is there a way I can sort this? Thanks.
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