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  1. Happy Birthday MY IS200!

  2. Hi Aussie, if i had to replay to this, these would be my words. ................................................................................ ......... I have no words for it. Wow what a car!!!!!! It truely is a work of art. A very big congrats to you and all the peolpe who have worked on this work of art :D
  3. Hi Yemgi, thanks for the tip. I have visited their sites. RXmen8 and i will meet and have a drive in his Lex. I live close to Kempower (to my surprise) so i wil visit them too. I have been all over this forum to read about the TTE compressor. I have come to the conclusion that it is the one i want. With this in mind i have to save up for it my budget is still to small. But i want the best for my Lex. As a new member i would like to say that this forum is very good one. My Lex is now a standard one (for as far you can call a Lex standard ) But i hope to build a nice car over the comming time. Cheers mates!!!!!!
  4. Hi D8driver, i am pleased to hear from a dutch owner. I live in Elsloo. About 15 kilometers above Maastricht. I would like to talk to you in dutch. Is it possible to communicate through e-mail with you?? If you want to i could learn more about the TTE kit. Hope to speek to you soon.
  5. Hi thanks for the welkom. Pfff 5000 euros is a big chunk out of my budget. Is there a better ( read: cheaper) option for me??
  6. Hi fellow owners, i have my Lex for a few months now and already i am in need off more torque and HP. I want to buy a TTE Compressor kit. I have informed with a local Lexus dealer and they told me it isnt possible anymore to buy it in the Netherlands :tsktsk:. Can anyone help me to find a kit