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  1. Don't fancy an IS300, as its an auto. Do want to get the newest car possible within my budget. I am leaning towards a MK4 golf V5, seem reasonable priced and like the look of the interior nice place to be in.
  2. Hi Guys, Last year due to an accident lost the IS200 that I owned for 3 years trouble free motoring, since then be car sharing with my dad but back in the market for a car now. Obviously this is a Lexus forum just wanted opinions. Must be capable to seat 4, reliable and not to thirsty like the Lexus (although i only do 5k year in miles) max budget is 3.5k MK4 Golf (1.8T or V5) – seen some good ones for 2.5k on 2002 E46 318I or 325iSE saloon Saab 9-3 (Not that keen but looks good in black the newest car seen 2004 models in budget) Honda Accord 2003 2.0 sport Do not fancy another IS200 although have noticed they have come down in prices Any recommendations guys from the above or something else you might recommend Thanks Jay
  3. I would be very much interested, Sparkystav can you pelase add me to list to
  4. Ormi, This is fantastic and very helpful. I plan to do the service next weekend thank you with a trolley jack, so hopefully will not be too difficult. Ps love your lexus, looks really Good Jay
  5. Hi Guys, I have decided to service the Lexus by myself (with a friends help). Car has done 95,000 miles and I need to change the engine oil, Oil filter, Diff oil and was pondering changing the gearbox oil as I do not think this has ever been done. Are there any step by step guides on doing this? in particular the diff oil and the gearbox oil, I will be using trolley jack on my driveway. Will I need a pump to refill the diff and gearbox oil? Any advice would be very helpful, (sorry did try searching could not find anything) Thanks Jay
  6. Hi Guys, Is it true that Lexus made a mini disk version of the stero player? So were there currently have the tape player that is were the mini disk player should be? If this is correct, were can I get one. Dont want to buy it from Lexus as it would cost a small fortune. Thanks Jay
  7. Problem solved, reset the ECU by taking out the EFI fuse and the ETCs fuse , warning lights now vanished :)
  8. Hi guys I replaced my cigarette lighter fuse today, didn’t have a spare one so taken a 15amp fuse from the bonnet to replace it with. The location was the ETCs fuse. Bought a new fuse from the shop to replace the one I had taken from the bonnet. Well cigarette lighter works but now the TRC light constantly flashes and the malfunction Indicator lamp is on. Have I messed something up? Please help guys on how i can get rid of this Thanks Jay
  9. Hi All, I have a 2001 IS200 sport, some pikey has stolen my drivers side wing mirror. Can someone please advise whether the glass is Auto anti glare or not? Also any ideas where I can get the glass from, rang a few breakers (London) but none seem to have any and Lexus are charging a small fortune.(70.00+ vat, 215 +vat for anti glare) Thx Jay
  10. Hi Guys , Drove the car this morning and the problems seems to have disappeared. Very strange. I was thinking of changing the gearbox oil as since I have had the car I don't think its every been done, would this be beneficial and improve the gear change? I was thinking something like redline 75w90??
  11. Hi All, Was driving yesterday I noticed I could not change to fifth from 6th gear. There was a blockage, I just could not shift into 6 gear. All the other gears were fine. Changing from 1st all the way to fifth was no problem but fifth to 6th was just stuckm it was if the gear was blocked. Does this mean my gearbox has gone? I stayed in fifth and have not driven my car since. Plan to drive it this evening. Any ideas on what the issue could be… cost £ Thanks Jay
  12. Hi guys, I used a bit of G3 cutting compound and have tried polishing over it numerous times but I think i have made it worse now.The paint work has dulled were the bird has done its do, its so evident on the bonnet, its like 5 different splats. Are there any specialists in the london area that could bring the paint work back to its former shine via wet and dry and buffing it up with a machine polish. How much money am i looking at to do the whole bonnet?
  13. Hi Guys, Been away for a week and found that my car had loads of bird Sh?t on the front bonnet ( 5 different splats). Got some soapy water and tried to remove it. Noticed the paint work has dulled and you can clearly see the pattern of the sh?t all over the front bonnet, looks absoutley horrible. I have tried polish but it hasnt had any effect, the car is black and the paint work has dulled and there are signs of liitle cracks. Im so gutted. Is there any way to remove this, or do i need a full bonnet respray?? Jay
  14. Thanks Parthiban for the pic, thats a great help, i can store my ipod in the glove box too and know one would be te wiser. Also I have seen other units for sale that convert the original head unit but none seem to be cheaper then the Grom Audio.
  15. Parthiban, When you fitted the I-pod in the glove box are there any visable wires on show, do you have any pics??
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