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  1. Happy Birthday The Gill!

  2. Sounds familiar, I`ve nearly left the keys in the boot a few times!! Parthiban, could you pm me how to do please. Thanks.
  3. I purchased my IS200 SE Auto on a 03 plate back in 2006 for £9,600 with 50,000 on the clock. It was mint with the 18" & the aero kit. I`ve now been offered £4,500 (a general part ex enquiry against a Jag) and i`ve only done 10,000 miles in it. There isn`t any thing else that really appeals to me at the mo & as said previously, you`ll notice the depreciation more noticable only if your going to sell your Lexus. I don`t plan on parting with mine for ages yet, still got loads more miles in it, therefore ain`t going to worry about losing money on it, just gonna enjoy loads more.
  4. 7k!!!! You could buy another IS for that. When I was 20, (a distant memory now!) I paid 2K to insure a Mercedes 190E 2.0 which was two years old at the time with 0 no claims bonus. It was fully kitted out & lowered which didn`t help the premium, but saying that i thought 2K wasn`t that bad considering i`d just paid 17K for it. I`m sure if you shop about you could defo get a better deal. Enjoy the Lexus & your youth, cos that will soon fly by as i`m sure will the Lexus!!
  5. I think the sport looks tough, although have an SE myself as need an Auto (due to dodgey knee). But have a lip spoiler and am looking to get the rear windows tinted like a sport also. Anyone know what shade the sports tinted windows are by any chance?
  6. Mine do the same, sometimes take a little longer to light when first entering a tunnel also. Wouldn`t worry too much.
  7. Well, its not a very quick car, but is great for cruising. To be honest where can you fast these days anyway! Best bet is to test drive an IS 200 & an IS 300. If you are really after power then an IS 300 may be your best option. I came from a Mercedes 2.4 Sport to an IS 200. Gotta say i noticed the difference at first, but the Lexus drives just as well & in a different way to the Merc. I never regret buying an IS 200, its full of gadgets and think they handle well. I love mine, just got annoyed when it was slightly rear ended the other week at a roundabout by an Audi. Its all sorted now. Good luck & hope you find your perfect Lexus.
  8. What about if you would have saved £200 by using someone else who offers the same standards. :winky: Saving money is always a good thing. But found using my local dealer (which is just around the corner) more convenient as i really needed to get the work done sharp, but must add also got all my brake pads changed. Am looking for an independent dealer around here & if they can offer a good and competitive service, will defo give them a try.
  9. I just my 60k service done at Lexus Sidcup & the timing belt too and paid just short of £700. The service there was excellent i must add & would be using them again
  10. Will get some pics up real soon, got loads on at work at the Mo, am not even finding time to drive my Lexus, have virtually been living in my company car. I`m from the Bexleyheath area, not far from DJ Wozza at all. Anyway, plan on painting the calipers first of all, is there anything different i need to do or is it standard stuff? May also get an exhaust soon, not quite sure which one would fit & work the best. Cheers guys.
  11. Hi guys, I'm new to the Lexus owners Club. I stumbled across the website whilst on Yahoo one day and am glad I did! Have been reading through the forums and am finding the information very helpful and indeed useful. This is my first Jap car, i've been driving Merc's since for the past 12 years, but when my C240 Sport 'died' in a freak accident, i thought now is a better time than any to get a Lexus (as i've always admired them, ands before my wife decides she wants to start a family!) My car is a Lexus IS200 SE Auto, on a '03' plate. It is blue with oakham interior and is fitted with 18" alloys & a full Lexus styling Kit. I find the car great to drive and am loving all the extras that come as standard! Haven't decided what extras to add yet, as when i get the urge to start modifiying i can get carried away. Well, I hope to gain valuable knowledge via this club and indeed look forward to dealing with some of you guys in the future, Bye for now......
  12. Found you guys through yahoo. Got to admit it, this site is awesome!!!
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