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  1. I've been collecting parts to do this swap, probably start the job next year. Still not got the actual engine yet though... hmmmm
  2. Car isn't selling, time to make it a project...

  3. buy mine
  4. That's mine
  5. Got around to loading up some pictures of my car finally, but only because it's up for sale here...
  6. Or mine black y reg with 73k se, 12months tax, MoT october, loads of dealer history and lots and lots of reciepts, recently had all belts, spark plugs, 4 tyres, ac re-gas, both bottom ball joints, 2 full sets of wheels (only 5 tyres), tracked to WiM spec, HID headlights, colour coded and decaled brake calipers, sports grille, colour coded head lights, colour coded all 4 fog lights, late spec dark chrome rear lights (comes with original chrome rear lights and standard red rear fogs as spares), all 3 keys, stainless steel dial kit and a/c rings. £4,200
  7. Think I'm getting better mpg on long runs than before charging
  8. Put a silica gel sachet in the back of it
  9. Yup, as above. Mine did similar things, put an FCD on it and all is well.
  10. Makes me want to take mine off and crack out the polish
  11. Get it to a good bodyshop so they can get it on a jig and see what it is that you've bent. I had a similar experience but didn't bend anything on inspection. However in a few hundred miles the wheel bearing started howling away and the anti-roll bar drop link went too.
  12. Valve stem oil seals usually from cold start up is my experience for most engines but this isn't something you'd expect really. How many miles has the car done?
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