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  1. Trying too fit a stereo into my tezza its not the super live sound mod and has no amp behiond the glovebox. I got the iso adapter everthing connects ok stereo turns on but no sound??? anyone know what im doin wrong? Thanks..... :)
  2. Ricey

    Need Help....

    Its not that im in doubt its just that i dont know the difference you know. Id like someone to tell me the diff between a metal one and a organic one? Like should i take the organic one or would a metal one be better? Cheers.
  3. Hey all. I ordered a toda racing clutch a few weeks ago on ebay. This is the same as the one i got Well i did'nt get yet! Iv been waiting weeks for it. I had been emailing the seller about the delay and i got a email saying Can someone help me out here, like whats the difference and all that. is this a scam or what. I aint got a clue. Thanks all would be great to get some help on this one.
  4. its all good lads, i orderd my cluch yesterday, got myself a toda racing clutch and light flyhweel. thx for all the help k.
  5. My clutch and flywheel went on my altezza the other day and now i gotta go looking for one. I dont just want a standerd one from toyota id like something like a toda clutch and flywheel but im no expert so im coming here for help. :winky: Im not sure what i should put into it, i only use the car for basic driving, no drifting or anything like that just normal day to day driving. Can anyone reccomend a clutch and flywheel for me and were to but one online? Any help at all would be great as im going to buy one today and dont wanna slip up and buy something il regret, you know. Thanks i hope someone can help me out. Regads Stephen.
  6. well for me its coming from the front passenger side but both sides need new ball joints.
  7. Ok im wrong iv just found out there is no need to change the arm my bad :) All i need is two bottom balljoints. Parf Get someone to have a look at your car a mate of mine is a machanic and a bit of oil on the balljoints amd the noise is gone. But i still nedd to get them replaced monday. Sorry for saying you need to change the arm a fool told me i would be better off doing that and im no machanic so i took his word for it :D Can anyone tell me will the ball joints for a is200 fit a altezza?
  8. well i think you would be better off to get the arm too.
  9. Looks like for me its the bottom ball joint. 130euro each with the arm. Only one side is gone but im gonna replace the two. Not sure if its the same problem for you Parf but it could be worth looking into.
  10. Just took it in today to get looked at il post later what they fine. Hope its only something small :P
  11. lol i have the very very same problem right now. im gonna get it looked at today il post what i find out k.
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