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  1. Happy Birthday yemgi!

  2. The US spec Nav systems are different from the Euro spec ones, getting a Europe map DVD would not help as the Satnav unit would not be able to read it. You need the swap the whole unit for a Euro spec one. That is the same for every Lexus model
  3. Yes the wheels do fit without problem. Even the brakes could be swapped easily on the 3rd gen GS
  4. I will be coming with the IS-F and an LS430. Would be nice to see some old faces :D
  5. To lower the IS-F, my first choice will be the KW Variant 3 coilovers If you really want to go down the spring only solution, I would go for Swift Sport springs and Tokico HTS shocks
  6. Same for me 245/35R219 front and 275/30R19 rear Michelin PS2 on stock wheels for now. I have been running this setup since October last year without any issue appart from the dealer deflating the tires at the 30k service because the 2.8bars I set were out of the factory recommendations ...
  7. There is no mud flap available for the IS-F
  8. I have just learnt the news on Facebook, it is avery sad day for LOC, John was very involved in the Club and he will be greatly missed. My condoleances to his family
  9. I have had a tracker installed on mine in April, I never had any battery problems so I would agree with fcfarrar
  10. As for any Toyota the ECU can not be remapped, you need either a piggy back or standalone programmable ECU (Greddy eManage, HKS FCON ...) The easiest xway to gain perfomance on this car is to replace the exhaust and intake.
  11. On motorway I have been down to 25mpg. The global average so far is 18mpg with 15 miles of traffic jam as daily commute
  12. The wheels alone are £250 ex-VAT each, with the tyre it is a grand total of £1600
  13. Compared to BMW and MErcedes, the IS-F is undoubtly cheaper to run: cheaper insurance, better mpg. Brake and tyres on a side note are probably the same, be prepared to change before 20k miles if you like to use the right foot :P All the (little) problems I have had have been taken cre of under warranty. As fjcfarrar, I subscribed to the Extracare warranty/assistance expansion to be safe but I doubt I will have to use it. Services are almost the same as for the IS250, it just needs more oil.
  14. I am selling the Work wheels that were on my IS200 model: Work Emotion CR Kai colour: Bronze Size: 18x7.5 ET42 PCD: 5x114.3 Tyres: Good Year GS-D3, at least 5mm thread left on each tyre (measured) Original boxes and sticker set availables 1 of the 4 valve caps is missing 1 wheels has a hardly visible bend on the outer rim due to a pothole, the wheel has no leak or crack, it is still straight and balanced. 2 of the wheels have corrosion, one on 4 spokes and one on 2 spokes I am asking £800 O.B.O. for the lot, I can bring them to JAE but I will not ship them. 1st wheel and tyre Slight bend on 1st wheel 2nd wheel and tyre Corrosion on 2nd wheel 3rd wheel and tyre Corrosion on 3rd wheel 4th wheel and tyre Work label Work stickers and certificates
  15. The paint code for the wheels has never been disclosed so no touch up available. There is a close enough Toyota reference that can be used for touchup : 1E3 Phantom Grey I had mine resprayed under warranty due to corrosion and they did a great job. They have used a 3rd party, the cost was about 200€ a wheel, cheaper for them than a new set...
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