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  1. I have an Rx300 se-l. I have been told that the rear offside parking brake cables need replacing. How much should this cost and is it a specialist Lexus job, or would my independent be able to carry out. Alternatively any specialists that can offer any advice on costs Thanks
  2. Thanks for the prompt replies to both! Not had a test drive jut yet as just been window(web) shopping. But hoping to set the ball rolling this weekend!
  3. Thinking of going for an RX300 what do I look for. Looking for a used model 03/04 plate. What costs? tyres, servicing, general consumables. How different from a GS300SE? Real economy figures, comfort etc. hat goes wrong? ANything? There seems to be a lot of them around!! Any thoughts/comments greatly appreciated.
  4. I have a 1998 GS300 SE. I have just tried locking the door using the remote key fob and all doors lock except the drivers door. The indicators flash indicating alarm activation but the drivers door does not lock. I have manually locked using a turn of the key this works. If I unlock using the fob all doors are unlocked except drivers. Problem with drivers door !! Inside if I try to 'central lock' using the switch then this also fails. CAn anybody help ??
  5. Evenin' all - the time has come to replace tyres. Currently Good Years but after doing some searching found another couple makes in the running; Falken GRB FK 451 and the Pirelli P7. Both score highly on 'Black Circles' Not heard of the Falken before but they seem to be a well made/designed/quiet tyre. General A Road/motorway use so comfort and low road noise is what I am really after (as well as a decent life span) Anybody help ? GS 300SE 98
  6. could be alternator belt. Squeaks when cold. goes when warm.
  7. Update: Took car to local dealer. They put it on diagnostic machine and it returned as all clear. They did however detect the 'problem' that occured as they were able to tel approx time and car speed (which was interesting). Any way it returned all clear. They did say though that if it happened again th it would indicate a faulty Throttle Sensor - which would need replacing £350..... Told me to take it away and monitor. A little pi**ed to be honest, just had timing belt and brakes done a week before. £££££ and now this. Guess what it's just happenned again, town driving and slowly the pressure in the throttle reduces until it just goes altogether and the warning lights come on. Going on the recall Dave mentioned. Does anyone have any further info on this as maybe I could get this replaced as a recall job and not have to fork out.
  8. GS 300 SE 1998 While I was out driving the other day doing a steady 40mph, the throttle pressure appeared to go strange - as if power reducing. Then all power seemed to fade. The VSC, VSC OFF and Engine Lights all came on. In flowing traffic so I had to quickly switch off and back again so I could note down the warning system. Pressing the gas did nothing as revs dropped. I turned ignition off and then back on and then all was fine. Slightly confused I thought little of it. Now again today the same thing happened although this time I had just slowed down to about 10mph. Again power dropped and all three lights came on. I left the engine switched on while I noted down the events. Looking in the owners manual it appears to be something to do with the Vehicle Stability Control System or Traction Control System. Has anyone experienced the same thing and what can I expect to be the root cause?? All help appreciated Thanks
  9. Went on the internet to Like yourself direct line quoted me in excess of £1000 with quoteline direct they did some searching and got me a quote of £545. they are on 0870 444 0870. what they do is phone aroud and get you the best quote worth a try :-)
  10. What particular year GS300 do they apply to. I have a 1998 S, and would like to implement some of the customisations. Will they apply ???
  11. 1998 GS300SE 60 K service due. What sort of cost can I expect to pay. What is reaonable and what is not ??? New(ish) to Lexus. Very bad experience with main dealers so I am a bit dubious. Had a Saab 900T, main dealer service missed the fact that the rear calipers had seized. Only surfaced when I took it to a non specialist garage mechanic. He is very good, he subsequently carried out a further 4 services on the Saab (all spot on) before I replaced with a Lexus last year. Previous Lexus B service £220 at my local Dealership. So with the pocket a little tight I was wondering what cost at main dealer and whether I should re use my local (fair priced) mechanic. Any views ???
  12. I have a 1998 GS300. A couple months ago I had the batteries replaced in the keys. All worked fine for a month or so. However for the past month they have both packed up. I have been back to Lexus to get them reprogrammed. All ok, but then died again. Went back to Lexus who say the the door control unit is failing. Somehow got water in it. The only thing is to get the unit replaced (£400) or keep replacing the batteries. They managed to get it working but has gone again. Is this reasonable, can anyone offer any suggestions to get out of this jam. Currently using manual key lock, but has no alarm activation Due for a 60k service in a couple months. Not quite sure what to do. Ears open for advice
  13. I have seen a few GS300 (II) with the smaller low profile rear spoier which just very slightly raises the rear profile. Where can i=I get one fitted - does it have to be dealer What are they likey to cost Anyone fitted one with pics All information helpfull thanks ruds
  14. What is the best way of getting a stuck screw out of the alarm ignition key. Unfortunately the screw has lost its head and is now impossible to screw out. If I attemt to drill out with a mini drill will I affect the electronics of the key. and what happens when key is apart, will I lose the settings any answers ??????
  15. I had the same problem on my '98 GS300 SE MKII. It made a grinding noise when moving upwards and seemed to run 'unsmooth'. As the car was under warranty, I got it repaired bt Lexus Wolverhampton. Excellent job. Got back after a day and the retraction is as smoth as the proverbial baby's bum and v quiet. It turned out to be a 'gear' in the column that was replaced. Hope this helps. Not sure exactly what was replaced and what it would have cost though.