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  1. KSP, I have the same colour, and mine comes out looking like glass :-) perhaps you are not doing it right? need to get rid of all the traffic film! -drib
  2. Nige, well my little bro used to work for a company called East Bilney Coach Works (quite expensive but v good)... and he seemed to think thats about right for a "bonnet", cant seeing it being any more than that, if not less.... seeing as its only a "little" scuff. I know the feeling is probably a lot more painful than the scuff, I hate stone chips enough to chase the culprits down like a rabid dog :-) (esp' on a black lex ) -drib
  3. Hi Nige, I guess that its not a huge "mess", perhaps worth getting the old filla out and smothing it over? Then perhaps trying with the "courtesy" paint you would have got, to cover up the area? I would have thought a little job on the bumper would "only" be about £150, as they would have to blend it in etc etc... (professionals) making you think about parking sensors now? I hope its cheap to put right... if not, just make sure now one drives too close to you -drib
  4. Yeah there's difference and theres... ooops couldnt see you passed this jugganaut oops now in a field! :-( also I have heard they have stoopid rules of engagement on the road... giveway to people coming onto the roudabout.. whats that all about??? must be too must weed down at the ministry of transport! :)
  5. I take it that they see the Is200 over there? would be a shame not to be able to drive with a smile... I would hope that I will not loose too much cash on my car if I did trade it in for cash and get one out there... what would be the options.. would Lexus do the shipping? UUUGGGG! Lee
  6. Potentially the rest of my life? at least a year, perhaps a minimum of two... I know I will love it over there, but I love the lex too! :-(
  7. Hi Guys, this has come as a bit of a shock to me... my job is being relocated to the DAM, and I have been asked to go and join it... I am concerned about the road and its users over there. As my car is RHD, I guess I am on the wrong side of the car... I am wondering: do I sell my car here do I hope it dont get damaged over there do I sell and then buy a LHD? and I was only just getting used to the car too :-( [ TRC off all the time ;-) ] If any of you guys have been out there, would you trust it? TIA Lee :o
  8. Claire you been slapping the stickers on your rear again :winky: I would have thought that the Fuzz are just trying it on... just so they can have a sneaky peek at something that they desire themselves! -Lee
  9. Quick question... do you allow the "air bag" and "engine management" light go out before you try and start it... seems when i turn and turn the key as soon as its in the hole it wont fire up straight away. But once you wait for those lights to go out its happy as "Larry"
  10. disclaimer (it can never be proven gov, i never siad it, its the voices you see I can get away from them!) If the law system dont work use the good old revenge trick... find their nice new car sitting in the drive way and suddenly develop a regression to your childhood **scratch** . Alternatively complain that you have the rarest case of physical turrets ( :duh: :yack: ) and accidently place ur knee hard against the cardoor... /anger on if you have noticed such a dent in your car recently, and can remember that you used your door as a battering ram on a black lexus then fair's fair ;-) /and relax The damage to a car is repairable, but the "virgin-esque" feel disappears from that once mint exterior. And back to reality They should make any action like that, a serious offence no matter the age of the "criminal"
  11. Its a sport grill... dont we think that the Sport model should have them as standard? Perhaps even a chrome finished tail pipe? -Lee (sport model owner)
  12. I thought the "redline" was an indication of the car getting warmed up :P as the engine gets more bedded in... the performance increases. I am guessing you are expecting too much for the lower rev range, after your spanking good ride the other night... as its a VVT engine its noly operating on 12valves, then i believe when you give the baby a good boot all 24 kick in! -Lee
  13. Welcome dude, I am sure the frown will disapear once you step inside one of these great cars! I am looking a bit affraid if Cambridge is still "between" sites... especially when my 10k service is soon to arrive. I guess I better pop over to Norwich - Norfolk and get it done there... oh and atleast they give discount... "GoldMember" cheers Lee
  14. mi m8, if u want every "racer" to drive against every other racer in the least number of "runs" then it would be easy to do a 12 run: basics... number of cars/ppl x number of runs 12 x 1 6 x 2 4 x 3 3 x 4 2 x 6 1 x 12 are you constraint by number of runs? if not you may have uneven number of ppl in each run, to make sure everyone "goes" against everyone Lee
  15. Dude, 1.2.3 4.5.6 7.8.9 10.11.12 once you get to that level you will have to start to repeat the numbers. then to make sure you dont get too much replication take numbers from each batch: 1.4.7 2.5.8 3.6.9 (something like that) does that make any sence? If you want email me the full details and perhaps I can offer a hand? (math degree, specialist in group theory) :-) Lee