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  1. Happy Birthday Chimp!

  2. cheers mate, cant find his profile to PM him at the moment, i think im having one of those nights / days... hell lets call it a weekend!
  3. Hi, im a gold member, well i paid, i had a little pack come through etc but i cant post in the cars for sale section. im not at home at the moment so dont have my details... am i doing something wrong??
  4. thats the one! you legend! cheers mate. spent an hour looking for that earlier too lol :D
  5. Hi everyone, sorry i havent posted in a bit, been a busy bee at work and with christmas etc.... had to get the car into the bodyshop over crimbo because some oik decided to key it :tsktsk: anyway, i know its here, i have read it, there is a thread on how to get the rear seats out of an is200 and upgrade the rear speakers etc. i swear i have searched, i just kind find it... any help?? Steve
  6. the handling on the is200 is pretty poor from the ones that i test drove, however 99.99% of them have the geo set up totally wrong so they dont stand a chance! once the geo is right, the tyres are matched and decent and they are set to the correct preasures they handle VERY well! if a car is stepping out at 20mph on a roundabout then something is drasticly wrong, its either geo, tyres, preasure or the driver not delivering and controlling the power properly.
  7. aye mate its a white one.... my altezza isnt turbo'd, been thinking about it, also been thinking of supercharging again but i have to admit im actually leaning towards chasing some NA power... i think the 3s-ge could see me near 250bhp with the right work and that will do me :D how much were you paing to insure the scoob mate? i was paying just over 600 fully comp on my modded STI the tezza isnt much cheaper at 520! lol
  8. i agree.. oliver all the way, i laughed my head off when i saw hamster had turned up with that but it just goes to show... there is a benefit to simple engineering at times :D
  9. well bud, the alarm as basic as it is (thats not a dis BTW) will still be draining the battery, could be something else, but i would bet thats whats pushed the battery to its demise. have you checked everything is ok alternator wise and thats putting a full charge over? could be a knock on effect maybe? and yes.. i should be working, im sat at my desk looking like im working but in reality im sat surfing the net looking at automotive porn and hanging out in the LOC
  10. what alarm do you have mate?? yours woulldnt be the first alarm to drain a battery in 2 weeks mate, you can get trickle chargers that keep the battery topped up while you are away for this sort of problem nice to meet you earlier by the way :D
  11. welcome to the LOC mate, good luck selling the scooby. had one myself a little while ago :D i dont suppose your around southampton by any chance? there is a type RA with cusco decals that i see regular as clockwork :D one thing i will say to warn you in advance, the scooby has such an aggresive power delivery, you will certainly miss it, i would honestly doubt that any FI'd is200 could replicate the feeling you get in a scooby at about 3k rpm.... its a bit like, 1k.. its idleing, push the peddle down. ... ... ... 2k.. its picking up the flat 4 starts to sound aggresive .... .... 2.5k you start to feel pushed back in your seat when.... ... 3k ALL HELL HAS BROKEN LOOSE, you are FORCED back in your seat, the blood is rushing out of your eyes into the back of your skull and then.. oh my we just hit the redline at 8k :D personally, i enjoy driving my altezza far more than i ever did my scooby, monsterous power is great fun, but you get used to the feeling of the power, it becomes les exciting and the novelty does ware off IMHO.
  12. cheers mate :D i wouldnt be without my talex, mine is the talex lite and i think there about £70 now, i have had it just over 18 months and i love it, its fantastic for GPS speed (you would be amazed how out car speedo's are) and its kept my licence point free since i got it :D (touches wood lol)
  13. you would need an ECU like adaptronic or megasquirt to be able to do without it... i think the Emanage ultimate can be set up to run without a MAF too
  14. righty, actually got out there and gave the car a clean today, not a full detail but got it good enough for some piccies anyway :D here is what she looked like when i got her a few weeks back... and here are a few of her now... as you can see, the modding has already begun! :D i prefer the standard grill, makes the car look a bit less common IMHO, or it does in these parts anyway, got my talex installed in the car, LEDs in the dash, brake calipers painted, induction kit is all sorted too... next pay check ill get the exhaust sorted and then its time to start saving for some alloys because these are kerbed to hell, not by me i might add! any comments, critisisms greatfully recieved.. :D
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