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  1. No but it was done by Lexus technicians that work in Lexus repair shop.
  2. The car gained 50 BHP and 5 Kg of torque. I have done 600 miles with the kit installed. Until now there are no issues with the engine and the ECU can tolerate the need for extra fuel up to 5500 rpm. From there to red line the AFR is at 12.5:1 to 13:1 so to be 100% safe i need more fuel and retard in timing which i'm working on it. The car feels totally diferent and the increase in power is very noticeable. The installation is very easy and you don't need any instructions. Steve from LMS sent me installation photos which helped a lot.
  3. Finally Installed And it Works Great.
  4. You will have to remove the back seat first. Remove completly the bottom and just pull in front the back rest piece without dismantling the seat belts. Then you have to remove the carpet covers on the shelf which consists of two pieces. It's not so hard to do it.
  5. Volume control is done by the ML amp that is located in your trunk passenger side and not from the head unit. So if volume control has an issue that means that the problem is on the wiring that goes back to the amp or the amp itself. If it happens again check if there is loose connection in the harnesses first. Find an ML amp from a friend and put it in your car to see if the amp is faulty. You can find a used amp on ebay for 250 pounds or more.
  6. 1. See how to remove the radio here 2. You can put Grom device on top of the radio. Plenty space there. 3. The grom device is pluged to a free port behind your radio. You can't miss it. Your original cd changer will work as well. 4. Yes you will have only 6 directories with up to 99 songs on each. Be sure to upgrade the device on latest version from grom site.
  7. Hi Chris The Kit should perform 40-50 rwhp but this remains to be seen after installation I got it for 7000 USD shipped to Europe. Send an email to
  8. Better go with Fly Audio Euro version which is a direct bolt on and has everything you need on it. To go with the original one means a lot of work and more money than Fly Audio.
  9. Finally Here. The kit is from LMS Will be installed until end of August i hope. Steve from LMS told me that it should work smoothly with the proper installtion. It will be installed by the Lexus technicians here in Greece if they make me the honor.
  10. The ML sytem has a different amplifier. The ordinary preamp music signal is transmitted through four wires in full range (Front and Rear doors). But when you play a 5.1 DVD from the ML unit the signal is transmitted digitaly through a seperate cable that ends in an extra blue harness on the amp. So you will need also that single wire that transmits the digital audio. Have in mind that the speaker outputs and remote wire locations are different from stock to ML amp. These two PDF's should help you see the layouts of the head unit and amp. Lexus___Radio_Terminals.pdf IS250_ML_Layout.pdf
  11. What happened to the S/C IS350 though ??? It won't fit to our cars. I know that. It wasn't what I meant at all. I wanted to know if Dave's imported IS350 is still running OK with the Tom's S/C or has it expired? up for sale on ebay Too bad it's a RHD
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