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  1. cool Cheers Rob. Should really get it booked in just now then. Any idea how much it costs for a belt?
  2. Mine is a 02 plate sport model and has done little over 50k
  3. When is the IS 200 sport due a timing belt? Anyone know. It is a 02 model and has done little over 50k on the clock.
  4. Cheers Stav, Will this still allow me to plug in my Aftermarket Stereo?? I had the centre console out the other day and the Harness Adaptor which goes to the back of the head unit is a different size from my new JVC Head Unit. I was thinking if i could get an adaptor for that then this would allow me to use the JVC Head Unit and the original speaker seetup in teh car with a few added Subs in the boot!!
  5. Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me where i can pick up a harness adaptor for an is200sport?? I have checked all the usual places like halfords and that and cant seem to find one. I dont really want to order one from Tinterweb due to the delay in receiving the part. Anyone any ideas???
  6. Cool Cheers for that Rogue. I am just outside Glasgow quite near Motherwell and Uddingston. Gonna try and be the first in my area to mod a lexus!!
  7. Look on Ebay mate, there about £25 ish. Stav Cheers for that Stav. Got one on order already!!!! I will keep you updated along the modding route!!! :winky:
  8. Just gonna be changing the head unit and already have two 1200 watt 12" subs in the boot with all the wiring run so just need to plug it into the head unit (coming this weekend) but i want to run all the standard door speakers cos they are quite good for sound so i need either a crossover box (which is bloody expensive) or this cable i have heard of at afraction of the cost!!
  9. Cool Cheers for the info guys, I will have a wee scout about and see what i can find. I am goin to be doin the work myself so should be finished roughly about a month from now. I will get the pics up on after the work has been done. I was also looking at the angel Eye Kits which offer just the two light rings. Anyone know if these are any good compared to the full light unit Angel Eye kit??
  10. Hi Everyone, I have just recently bought a is200 sport a few months ago. I am looking for a kazama exhaust and a custom induction kit for the car anyone any ideas where to get these?? The Car is UK spec and doesnt look as tho there is space for the induction kit to go. i.e theres a bloddy great big engine cover over the panel filter. Can i just take this panel filter and cover off and will there be a hole for the induction pipe to slip over??? Also i am in the middle of installing ICE in the car. Pain in the arse job but i think i have managed it. I need to buy a amp bypass lead to bypass the in built amp in the car. Does anyone know where i can get this relatively cheap??
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