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  1. cheers rob. its gone off after 3 engine starts with short journeys between.
  2. Hi, What does this connector do? And what would be the consequenes of driving with it unplugged for 10minutes? [img tags arent working for some reason] Thanks
  3. thanks for your reply. I tested both mirrors after putting the heated rear window on and they both work, so that was obviously what I wasn't doing. I didn't actually know they were controlled by the rear mirror. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have an IS200 RHD and I think my heated wing mirrors have stopped working. They worked fine last winter but don't come on anymore. I've gone through all 3 fuse panels and found in the passenger kick panel, right hand column 3rd fuse from the bottom, a 15A fuse called 'MIR HTR', which I am assuming is mirror heater(s). I've checked the fuse and its fine. My only other guess is, do the mirrors only heat up if the outside temperature reaches a certain low value?
  5. cheers for that. i'll test it out next time i go out.
  6. When I press my heated seat, the heat heats up to a nice warm temp, after that it goes off and slowly cools down again, but then does not get warm again. If i press the button, within 5 minutes the seat has gone cold again and i'd have to turn it off and back on again. Is this how it is meant to operate? More of a blast of heat than a regular temp? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the heads up on the stereo. Yeah when i was snooping around the fuses i worked out they're both powered from one fuse. Thanks for the offer but I won't be looking into it any further. I only recently bought my IS from a Lexus dealer and it has a 12 month Lexus warrenty so it'll go back, I just wanted to save myself a trip to the dealer for the sake of a fuse.
  8. I have an IS 200 SE Auto, and in an attempt to find out why my passenger heated seat doesn't work, I looked for the fuse for it. On my travels I noticed under the bonnet, there is a fuse labelled CDSFAN2 rated at 30A, which is just under CDSFAN1, which if I remember correctly is also 30A, but there is no fuse there. The fuse for FAN1 is there, but not 2. Could somebody please tell me what it is, and should it be missing? (ps - I know this has been covered elsewhere but itsa Sunday and im tired. The Spec sheet says I have an 8 speaker audio system, yet I only count 6, 2 6x9's, 2 in each front door, and the two tweaters in the corner of each front door. Where are the missing to?) Thanks.
  9. Hi mate, cheers. I have a blue IS200. Mine has an adjuster dial right of the steering wheel in a block of buttons shared with the headlamp washer and (think) rear fog light. I'm from Hinckley, sandwiched between Coventry and Leicester in the middle of the M69. Where are you? What are those two small dome sensors on the top of the dash just under the windscreen in front of the driver? I'm guessing one is the auto headlights on or off sensor, dunno what the other one is.
  10. Sorry for the potentially dumb questions but I purchased my first IS (2002 IS200 SE) this week so am still learning what's what. Do the cars have metallic paint? The research I've done indicates no, but I need someone who knows what they're talking abouts opinion. My car has some light bodywork scratches but don't know if I need T-Cut original or T-Cut metallic. Also, I am aware the car has a sensor which automatically adjusts the level of the headlights to avoid dazzling other motorists, however there is also a switch to the right of the steering wheel where you can adjust it manually. How can that be? Either it's automatic, or manual, or I've misread it. Thanks for any assistance.
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