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  1. Nice one, been looking for an indie in bristol, where abouts is he? Pedros
  2. when you see the little ****s riding along on their bikes push them off them smash the bike up and jump up and down on the wheels, OK it will make you no better than them but it WILL make you feel much better. The police wont do anything, and even if they do the kids wont be scared enough of them to stop.
  3. Cheers for all the advice and help offers guys, I'm away on the 24th actually but have decided certainly that I'll have a stab myself and not bother shelling out £500 to lexus, may take the opportunity to paint the calipers will let you know how it goes.
  4. Ok so Lexus reckon its time to change my front discs and pads and my rear pads. They want £500 to do it which I reckon is a little steep, if I get the parts for myself from ebay or the like how hard are they to fit? Anyone had any experience, bearing in mind I'm pretty handy but no mechanic. Pedros
  5. Me again!!! Just had my 60,000 mile service done which apart from making me £600 lighter was all not too bad except they said my bypass tube is leaking and reckon it will cost £106 all in to replace, has anyone done this themselves and if so is it an easy job? and any ideas where to get the part. Or shall I just chuck it back to Lexus and let them do it. cheers Pete
  6. Hi my IS200 SE wasn't lucky enough to come with the window tints which are standard on the sport. Having never had window tints in my previous motors I worry about being able to see old bill behind me, I'm not a big fan of black limo tint so hopefully this wont be too much of a problem? Also, bearing in mind I'm pretty handy and a perfectionist, would people advise me to get a pro to do it for about £200 (he says he uses the BEST film), or have a pop myself? If I'm at it myself can anyone recommend any film? Cheers Pedros
  7. Hi I'm relatively new to the owner club and just wondered where everyone was based, someone said to me the other day theres more Lexi up north, where that little Cherub came from I don't know but I'm from Bristol. Pedros
  8. No Spoiler no, can't make up my mind if i prefer them with or without spoilers, usually I am a fan of a nice eveo style spoiler but on luxury/exec cars and models I'm not so sure.
  9. Out of interest whats the average price people have paid for a bumper re-spray, the laquer has started to bubble on my rear which looks pretty scabby and needs sorting. Bear in mind I don't know anyone in the business of spraying.
  10. Cheers Stav Good thread there, after reading it all thought think I might give it a miss, not being able to nudge the boot shut with my elbow I think I'd find more annoying than having to lift the lid. Oh well looks like a should stop being so lazy
  11. Just bought a set of xtreme white xenons off autobulbs on ebay, looking up close at the HB3's one of the nipples on the top of the bulb is inverted, and one poking out is this gonna be a problem or is it normal and just the way they cam off the machine? Also the 501 bulbs look really blue are these gonna have a blue tint when they are on? Any help appreciated Cheers Pedros
  12. On my IS200 SE the remote button to open the boot works fine and unlocks the boot, but the actual boot lid doesn't rise all the way up, unless I'm parked on a hill, is this normal or should it rise all the way? If so any ideas how I can make it so, tightening springs or something? And no suggestions please that I should always park on a hill :winky: cheers Pedros
  13. Black on yellow looks pretty hot too, I quite like very dark grey wheels on black cars. The other thing that makes the pic at the top of the thread look a bit odd is the silver wheel nuts, should be black also really Pedros
  14. Silver without a doubt mate only a few cars can pull off black wheels IMO and even then it mostly depends on the colour of the car, blues don't tend to work great with black. :) Pedros
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