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  1. Ive got the car done Ian, thanks anyway ,he sent part with a good ball joint fitted.
  2. Cheers ian,ive got a hub with a ball joint fitted on its way hopefully today,but if not ill contact you thanks a lot,
  3. Hello ,just to say that sunday,i had a near one as both hub bolts sheared drivers side,but was only creeping at the time,but 10 mins earlier i was on the a38 to derby,Id hate to think what would have occured if it went then,dont think id be typing this.Ive got a hub assembly coming but need the 2 bolts which hold it to the ball joint,anybody have 2 or know what i have to get.
  4. I put some BG44K cleaner in the tank too,perhaps twice a year,now i use either v power or 97 ron depending where i fill up.
  5. Lexus is200 has 2 pistons on the fronts and 1 on the rear.
  6. Youll get that mpg from a manual as i do,but doubtfull from an auto box,ive got the same spoiler.
  7. My daughter has a master key for her sportcross,and yes it only has 2 buttons ,so if you can manage with the glove box as it is,dont worry about it .
  8. I really like those wheels, ive got a black car as well,hard to keep clean mate.
  9. Try machine polisher with g3 cutting compound then polish car and see first.
  10. Looks well darren,those wheels look like the black sparkle powdercoat from blackpool refurbishers.Hard to keep clean though black cars ,mines the same,yours looks really good ,enjoy.
  11. Jit,Andy and J ,theyre not even run in yet,ive done 142,000 but had new clutch only.
  12. I would imagine its a lot of work for probably 15bhp at best as ive heard before,,have you seen the supercharger for sale on ebay,thats a better bet.
  13. Ed in england ive been told not to remove the 3rd cat for mot purposes,but the manifold cats are to help get the car to temperature.
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