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  1. Hey guys, what at are the main differences between a F Sport ct200 and a CVT?
  2. Looks like it's sits really well. cant be much worse than my e92 with 19" bmw wheels on on :( can feel every leaf that you drive over. Love the white body and black wheels
  3. Saying that just seen this :)
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. hmmmm that's the only thing that would possibly put me off is the low bhp. Possibly will look at some IS's and maybe get a test drive on a CT, thanks again. :)
  5. Hey guys after selling my IS200 a few years ago for a 350z and now running a BMW E92 325i coupe, Im looking to come back into the Lexus market :), Im interested in the CTh but Im looking for something sporty, currently running a 2.5i petrol at 190bhp how would a CT compare? Ive also looked at IS250s but dont want to go back to a saloon. I've got £8k to spend if anyone can recommend a anything.
  6. Happy Birthday karlp606!

  7. the chrome emblem is from the engine cover mate just swap it with the leather one thats on the steering wheel :)
  8. looking good matey always liked that colour :) how about JDM'ing your fogs and headlights, liking the bumper to.
  9. Hey guys, Thought I'd share some pics of my is, looking for some advice on what mods to next really. Shes a 2001 plate with 118,000 on the clock but drives like new . Heres a few pics of her taken this morning, after washed using meguairs gold class shampoo, then polish using AG SRP then triplewax fast waxed. Mods so far are: 6000K HIDs LED Sidelights New clear repeators with chrome bulbs Debadged and resprayed grill Custom refurbed stock 17's Custom JDM's fogs Black calipers with silver lexus decals Chrome steering wheel emblem (by far the classiest easiest mod ever!) Ipod grom audio adapter rear lip spoiler arriving 18/4 Hope you guys like and I would also like some more mods to add to my to do list if anyone has any ideas which I'm sure you will, thinking of either lowering and front bumper respray.
  10. I can see the coolant hose at the bottom but how do I catch the draining coolant as the underbody plastic shield straight under the radiator so I cant put a bucket or anything under to catch the old coolant, do I need to remove the under shield?
  11. Just on the drain hose ormi where abouts is it located under the rad?
  12. Think mines always had only 1 hook? Theres no hole in the carpet where another hook should fit?
  13. In my is I only have one hook for the carpets? Noticed on the pics you have 2? Im after a drivers side one from but noticed there matts have 2 holes in for the drivers side, anyone know if theyll fit okay with just 1 hook?
  14. Hey guys, Today was going to do the horn move mod but upon removing grill I found a plastic trim bolted to the crash bar so I was unable to move the horns :(, has anybody else got this : And found a way to take it off as it's bolted on by 3 nuts but cant get enough room to remove them.
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