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  1. I hit a crash barrier doing 70mpg in the wet last year and did hardly any damage compared to that!! thats more like a 50-60 head on not 30!! I was completly honest with my insurance and they wrote the car off, my premium went up £180 which i lived with.... This year with it supercharged, 6 points, a write off, 1yrs NCB, and a value of £7k fully comp is £3700 PFFFTTT no chance. Just ordered a new BMW 120D Msport in white gonna cost me £25k car for the car wen built in october and cost £1800 to insure!! with Virgin Money!! Just be honest and they shudnt be too hard on you! plus shop around! Tom.
  2. Hi Guys, I have finaly got the Bypass Spring P/N from TTE. - TD340-28866-00 for 2,23 €. Just incase any of you want or need a spare/ replacement. I'm ordering 2 tonight. Tom.
  3. Any idea's where i can get one of these?? tried most of my local DIY/ Accessoriy shops and nothing! also tried TTE and just waiting for a responce! thanks, Tom. You can get them from TTE but they want 35 euros plus postage for it !!!!!! Yeh i asked if they had any of the springs in stock and the reply was; Thanks for your inquiry. We have the bypass modifikation kit on stock. Price for the bypass modifikation kit is 43 € + VAT. Delivery time is one week. Shippent can be done with UPS which is 14,28 € or via DHL which is slower but just 7,50 €. Please provide your credit card details for payment. best regards Ive e-maild back saying im not looking to purchase the whole kit im just after the spring, can it be purchased seperatly? Awaiting responce. Tom.
  4. Any idea's where i can get one of these?? tried most of my local DIY/ Accessoriy shops and nothing! also tried TTE and just waiting for a responce! thanks, Tom.
  5. Yes mate, after you remover the 3 screws (that in ur case snapped) and the main centre one the plastic cover can be removed and the clutch plate inside can be removed aswell. then i wud just put this in a vice and drill the screqs out, re tap them in M4 and ur finished. Tom.
  6. Thats how you put the swirl marks in lol Tom.
  7. update so far is i dont have the cash at the mo to have it fixed but will be giving it to the guys at Bennet Racing to look at as there not too far fromme! has roughly quoted me £250-300 for the work +£££ for bearings/ anything else i want doing! should have it there at the end of the month! Tom.
  8. all i have to say on the matter is.............. WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA lol like being at school again!! i cant believe how the forum has changed from being friendly and informative to being soo uptight and argumentative!! like watching the house of commons!! bunch of children sometimes!!! just my opinion..... no doubt something will happen but hey ho!! Tom.
  9. With 3 years no claims i was at £1270 ish standard and £1630 with S/C, Induction kit, Intercooler, Scilicon hoses, Dump valve, De-Cat manifold, Rear box, and soundsystem declared! God knows what it will be in July as i now have a£9k accident/ write off, and 6 points :( :( :( Tom.
  10. Shudnt be too hard i guess.... i just took mine apart and wasnt too difficult! Just need a vice or something to clamp it with while you drill... Tom.
  11. Just look for Intercooler King on e-Bay and look for one with the rough dimenstions as Wozza's Tom.
  12. Dont see how it does??? im still an owner of a lexus? Still update people on my car like others do in the way of when i clean it, modify it, ect..? Still need/ ask for help with my car the way others do when a commomn fault or otherwise arises?? Offer my advise or help other people best i can with there problems or learn from it and apply it to my car if it ever happens to me!! Dont get me wrong i love my car to bits, but after crashing and riting my last one off its just not the most important thing..... when i say i dont care about it i mean in the way im not one of these people who has a cry/ nervous breakdown over a scratch, dent or tiny bump! Its just a piece of metal at the end of the day and a bit of fun...... if anything brakes i'll fix or replace it! As it happens on my way home last night the dif decided to give up on me! nothng i can do, no point gettin upset about it and with it under warranty it means Lexus are replacing it and taking on the £1600 for a new diff and the labour charges! So dont bother me just means i dont have a car till next wednesday?? Tom.
  13. The reason it faild was it was running stupidly hot and the car was at a stand still..... not sure on the mileage.... but i do abuse my car as i dont care that much about it tbh lol Tom
  14. Cheers rob have sent them an e-mail and the pics.... just awaiting there reply! Is it possible to get a M62 off an olk CLK remove the snout and replace it with mine??? Tom.
  15. Well just been down to my local machineits! He said i need to have it milled out and he doesnt have a milling machine to do it on :( i do have a question regarding the Lobes/ Rotars. Is it possible to machine the ends flat again where the metal has been lost or do the ends of the lobes need to be close to the end ov the case? or do the shafts sit in the end of the bearings and dictate where it sits?? Tom.
  16. True gent!! I have found some bearings and replacement oil on this website Mine also doesnt seem to have an oil seal on the drive shaft?? can anyone confirm if this is the right on?? + How is it best to clean and smooth all the inside of the case.... easy to do yourself or best for a bachineist to hone it out?? Tom.
  17. Hey guys just a quick one!! I was driving along yesterday and all of a sudden i heard a grinding noise, smelt burning rubber! when i pulled in the car lost all power and refused to turn over! at first it sounded like the engine had given up but after letting it cool down and turning over again sounded like the charger was struggling to turn! I cut the belt off and the engine turned over fine! i wrapped the belt round the pulley and tried to spin it but no luck!! I took it all apart today and have some pics for you to look at! Not good :( Seems that for some reason one of the rotars inside has ground against the bottom of the case where the bearings are and the metal has welded itself onto the case :( ROTARS CASE CLOSER CASE The bearings at the bottom of the case still move fine but my question is....... Will i need to replace the case or can a good machineing/ engineer take off the metal that has transfered to the bottom of the case?? Will i need to replace the internal Rotars and where is the best place to get these from??? While its all off i will prob end up painting it all.... but most important thing is to get it fixed!! I think i will replace the bearings seeings as tits all apart! just not sure on where to get them from?? Any help or advise would be great. very unhappy Tom.
  18. Apart from my own time @£35 PH - who knows bearings( if you can find all of them!) and new supercharger oil about £ 35 Front oil seal £.0.80 stainless allen key bolts + washers £10 painting = free machining work on pulley = free sealants, retaining fluids, threadlock etc = free (from work) but otherwise loctite 510 £28, loctite 638 £30, loctite 242 £40 for 50ml tubes, but 10ml tubes are available pulley drive bolts about £90 but they were free the 5 weeks finding all the info and tracing a bearing = priceless! Just had a read through the thread and glad someone has done this before! I was driving today and all of a sudden heard a bad noise, lost power and smelt burning rubber in the engine bay! My supercharger has decided to cease!! :( Until i open it all up to have a look whats wrong (hoping just the bearings or sumthing not too expensive) can the replacement parts be purchased direct from eaton or Rob can you remember where you got yours from?? Also might be a silly there a hole or filling spout to put the oil in?? or do you put it in before you put the snout back on?? Tom.
  19. Think im gonna need a few of the spare parts!!! mine ceased up on me today!! cant budge it for the life of me!!! :( :( :( Tom.
  20. I dont the same thing on mine a while ago..... makes the engine bay look alot neater Tom.
  21. agreed.. ihave one tested, working and still for sale!! How much?? Tom.
  22. I had a bit of trouble when cornering to the right too hard the I/C pipe was fouling on one of the pulleys :o made a few grooves in the pipe so just make sure you have enough clearence!! With regards to ur Air Temp Sensor..... why did you extend it to the Induction kit?? It wont give you a true reading of the air temp into the inlet?? if its reading your induction temp and is then being further cooled by the FMIC surely it will be cooler than its reading?? I may be mistaken and sure i will be corrected if i am but i put mine in the Scilicon hose just before the Throttle body! pic below!! Also ment i didnt have to extend the wires as it just reaches!! Tom.
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