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  1. Happy Birthday dunclane!

  2. I have exactly the same problem with my 220d, it splutters into life when cold even when my clutch foot is welded to the floor! Can you give me some ammunition for the dealer? Which pump is it? Cheers
  3. Ive just had my is220d back from the bodyshop, and after a stint in a E220 CDI I cannot describe how good it feels to be back in the LExus, not saying the E class is a bad car but Id forgotten how good the Lexus was.
  4. I was 27 when I had my 57 plate IS220d, I love it and personally think it looks a younger car than the BMW.
  5. Cheers lads, On way into work this morning it started working again, I must have had the intermittent dial on least often!
  6. Morning all, When I first had the car the wipers would automatically switch to intermittent mode when the car came to a stop, somehow I have managed to turn this feature off. Does anyone know how to turn it back on again? Cheers Duncan
  7. I NEVER EVER want to have the last one happen to me!! It made my skin crawl
  8. It will be done! Get them to sort out the rattle on the dash too. Apart from that perfect (aside the MPG which im not bothered about as the company pays!)
  9. this happens when the clutch is not fully pressed. Ive tried this, I have the clutch to the deck and it still happens. It's only happens when the car is first started in the morning and cold. It is embarrassing, there are 10 year old vans that start better than that!!
  10. I didnt think the rattle would be as bad as it is! Its one of those sounds that really grates on me. Are Lexus forthcoming with sorting it out or will I have to print off a load of posts from this forum?
  11. Just a note on the first 500 miles of my 220d. The car feels brilliant, it exudes quality. The seats are near on perfect, they hold you in firmly but dont restrict movement. The steering wheel is a nice thickness and the flat parts at 10 to 2 are great to hold. I cannot believe how quiet it is even up to 80-90 mph, I know others on here think the diesel is rough but coming from a Mondeo TDCI which I thought was quiet I think Lexus have done a great job. The gearing does take a bit of getting used to but the 3rd gear pull is astonishing. I unfortunately got the front grille / console rattle at 250 miles, I might not be able to last until the 10k service to get it sorted. All of my colleagues and people who have seen the IS have commented on how good looking it is, and how they havent spotted it on the road. This can only be a good thing as people dont give the 3 series or A4 a second glance. I have notice that on pushing the Start button sometimes the car splutters into life rather than just starting, has anyone else had this problem? Got to say I think the standard stereo is fantastic, I can only imagine what the ML one is like, maybe in 3 yrs time I might find out. Anyway thats it for now. Duncan
  12. By 12:00pm tomorrow my new steed will be here! Got to say I cannot wait. Has anyone got the boot liner tray? Is it any good? How much was it? Cheers D.
  13. Just a thought Col, did you actually open the drivers door? In my Mondeo if you unlock the car and open any door inc boot bar the drivers door leave you key in the car after 3-4 mins the doors automatically lock. maybe this happens on the Lexus??
  14. Phew, Im sure I'm going to love it, as I tried to explain its all down to expectations, Im coming up the scale from a Mondeo so I should be more than happy with my IS. anyone who is coming down from say a GS, 5 series or E class for example may find certain aspects of the car not as good as other more expensive ones. Anyway the forum is brilliant, very informative
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