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  1. Which filters? from what I recall, there is no servicing filter on the diff. Just 1.2L of 75w85 gear oil and a new washer for the drain plug. The gear oil is sold in 1L bottles so you most probably will be charged for 2L.
  2. I haven't used the Osram's myself, but by the packaging one is Night Breaker Laser ad the other just says Xenarc which is there brighter technology which the night breaker one has. So could essentially be the same thing. The one on powerbulbs is very good price if you buy a pair you get the discount plus if you are a new customer and subscribe to their newsletter you get a further 20% off.
  3. 😀 couldn't agree more. It's a Lexus it's reliable. Don't stress too much. Just do your routine maintenance and deal with issues as they arise. If water pump was changed at 70K miles then it's good for a while. I changed my original factory fitted water pump at 124k miles. More importantly though on these cars, a very cheap and simple thing you can check is the radiator pressure cap. It's designed to maintain a certain pressure in the coolant system. These seem to be prone to the valve and spring mechanism inside breaking apart and falling into the cooling system. When it happens your coolant system cannot pressurise and hence coolant starts to boil.
  4. Original bulbs? probably still too early to tell. Just let it run as long as it can and when bulb starts giving issues then swap it out. I would just buy a pair of new bulbs and have it as backup. If you are changing to osram then swap it as a pair.
  5. Very easy job. Considering how easy the job is, doing it every 25-30k is just a safer option i guess. Car just has to be level. Always remove the refilling bolt before removing the drain bolt. This way just incase you are not to be able to open the re-fill bolt then at least you are not stuck with an empty diff. Fluid needs to be pumped in with something like a fluid transfer syringe. Remember to change washer on the drain plug. The drain plug is also a magnet that holds any metal particles from wear. Inspect this to make sure no excessive metal particles are on it.
  6. Yes it does come off, but finding one in good condition at the breakers might be hard. Paint code is on the sticker when you open the passengers door I believe. Looks like the picture below, in the exampe below the paint code is 212 and on the second line the A/TM is the transmission code A960E:
  7. That's for 2006 to 2008. so as long as your car is that then yes should fit. It's aftermarket so keep in mind fitment might not always be perfect. I'm not 100% as i've never installed these but i believe these kits just go over the existing splitter.
  8. Just get yourself a replacement from a breakers yard or take the oppertunity to install an aftermarket splitter.
  9. Same here. always use reputable companies that have ebay outlets.
  10. I wouldn't polish the multimedia screen at all. It's a digitizer. Some digitizers also have an anti-glare coating that would get ruined. Few years ago I changed my digitizer anyway as ribbon cable on the digitizers eventually develop fractures that causes the digitizer to fail and the touch response to stop working. I replaced my digitizer with a replacement from hong kong for very cheap and my screen condition is very good. No scratches on my screen: Pic of the digitzer i replaced below:
  11. As long as you are buying from a reputable ebay store. Most of the genuine Toyota fluids are usually sold by dealership parts stores that have ebay accounts anyway. So no worries there. Make sure you get the Genuine Toyota WS ATF fluid. They come in 1L bottles only
  12. haha don't like the sound of that at all. prefer the warmth of my living room 😀
  13. I forgot to add that I also took the oppertunity to change the shift position bulb to a blue LED. But when changing that bulb you need to wrap or black out underneath the bulb so that you reduce the light from bleeding. I also polished that perspex shift position trim. It's plastic so scratches up very easily. Mine was in a nasty condition so a polish has made it like new again. A few pics of that below:
  14. Yeh it's very shiny. I'm thinking to possibly hydrodip mine but it's metal so will need some proper prep work.
  15. Also, quite a lot of european cars actually tell you to start the engine if you leave it on ignition for a while listening to radio. When I last checked a few it was like 5-10mins max before the car tells you to start the car. Lexus don't have this battery monitoring system but instead let you drain the battery 😀