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  1. These are my original wheels powder-coated in dark Anthracite. Your ones don't look like anthracite to me. Originally they were notorious for the bubbling problem. Lexus swapped them out many times in the 3 year warranty period. Since powder coating it's been in good shape so far and much easier to clean too.
  2. Thanks 🙂. Bumper I custom built in 2015
  3. First pic when it was wrapped in white from 2014. The other pics are recent photos with new paint colour
  4. No, LED DRL headlights lost the AFS functionality to make room for the drl
  5. Yes 100% possible. I did it back in 2013 and still going strong. Check out my blog post:
  6. They fit and you DO NOT need any wiring modifications whatsoever. I had these installed on my 2006 IS250. Pictures of my old lights below. I eventually switched over to the VLAND rears. The only modification you need to do is bend back two of the metal tabs on the boot-lid where the light fits. I put a comparison pic of the metal tabs so you can see below
  7. I've attached the slides from my Instagram story below. Not sure if it's going to show in the correct order though. There is also a video. VID_48550925_221158_216.mp4
  8. No worries, the 3IS intake isn't aftermarket. It's genuine lexus intake with same sound if not better that comes with all F sport petrol models of the 3rd gen IS. Whereas the fsport metal pipe is an optional accessory for the American market, all explained in my Instagram highlight story. Not sure why you are not able to see it though.
  9. I did the JoeZ aluminium pipe and modded lower airbox mod back in 2010 here: Was very pleased with it. It's essentially the same as the F Sport intake. Recently though I sold the Joe Z pipe and upgraded to the 3IS OEM F-Sport pipe which comes with the new Lexus sound generator. The good thing about this is that it's OEM and comes with FSport models of the 3IS (Non-hybrid) and hence much easier to source. The sound generator is basically a diaphragm positioned stragically to provide intake sound into the cabin. If you a
  10. The 12v logic board I referred to and the one I used is perfect for the job. Subtle lighting on the exterior door handles wouldnt be that difficult, might do that in the near future when I get some time 🙂
  11. I would just buy two new osrams. Even if I bought OEM, I would personally replace both as a pair because the colour won't match as the other bulb would have aged.
  12. Now it's time for some new bulbs. If upgrading to the Osrams make sure you change both bulbs
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