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  1. Genuine Toyota 75w85 gear oil and a new washer for the drain plug. The gear oil is sold in 1L bottles so you most probably need to buy 2x 1L bottles but then that 1L extra bottle will last you 5 services along with a 1L bottle if that makes sense. So first time buy 2x 1L and you will have 0.8L left from that bottle which you can use 4 more times accompanying a 1L bottle.
  2. Oh, in that case I'll look into it. Can someone with the gsf send me a close-up pic of their door courtesy light unit please? If anyone confident enough to pop it out and take pic of the unit itself that will be even better 🙂
  3. Well said there. It's such a simple maintenance task too. doesn't need much time either. Key is to make sure car is on level ground and always remove the refill plug before drain plug just incase there is any issues afterwards removing the refill plug. Always replace the washer too.
  4. Does it not come with genuine ones already? as mentioned here:
  5. I designed the logo in Illustrator as a vectorised logo, it then needs to be printed onto a glass lens. There are two types of lens it can be printed on, either glass or a film. The film is terrible quality and distorts and reduces light output. For high quality the logo needs to be on glass. So I have it printed on glass. The glass lens isn't necessarily a direct fit into the lens that you may have from another unit, specially if it's going into a film lens. So instead I get a complete new lens supplied to match the glass. But the LED light aspect of it all remains the same.
  6. Oh yes that too. How did I forget that lol
  7. The basics you could check yourself without getting under the car: Wiper blades - make sure when spraying washer fluid that it clears the windscreen (make sure washer fluid is topped up too) Check windscreen washer nozzles - often if washer fluid isn't used enough the nozzles can get clogged with dirt. Headlight washer jets - if you have Xenon lights, make sure headlight washer jets are spraying brake fluid - check level and condition, make sure colour is closer to clear not dark check all the lights - parking lights, indicators, main beams, high beams, brake lights, fog lights, numberplate lights check number plates aren't damaged and are within legal specs make sure no check engine light or errors on the dashboard check tyre tread and pressure and inspect for any tears or screws or nails check seat belts check horn is functional inspect windscreen for any damage to the drivers area if you can look under the car: inspect the suspension components like tie rods and the rubber boots to make sure there aren't any tears on the rubber dust boots check exhaust for any holes/leaks (although most of the time holes will manifest itself in the form of a loud droning sound) make sure no loose or dangling components like exhaust etc. Those are some of the things that come to mind quickly that I usually do before an MOT
  8. Just thought i'd share a few pics and a video demo of some custom logo door projectors I made. I made a few to test out and sold out so seems to be a hit 🙂But it may not be to everyones taste 🙂
  9. It's not really a facelift, it's more of a conversion from 2nd gen to 3rd gen. I did it back 2015 but I made the bumper myself by fusing a section of old bumper to the new. At that time the chinese didn't make a mold for it. After a few years the chinese sellers had made a mold and started mass producing it. Strangly some of the chinese sellers actually have pictures of my car in their catalogue listing. It's a bit misleading as that's not their product but hey it's the chinese they show one pic and sell another. A few pics of the chinese listing showing my car in their listing followed by the actual photo of my car that they took from google photos lol. I've also attached a new photo since my car is now UltraSonic Blue.
  10. You are correct, upgrading only one side to a higher force rating goes completely against rules of physics there is no balance. The better solution is to either upgrade both struts to create a balance or to just re-gas existing OEM struts to a higher Nm of force. A few people I know on Instagram have put the single BMW struts on and have removed it after a while because it was letting water into the boot.
  11. I believe the stock OEM brakes are also led but much higher power ones compared to the aftermarket ones. For these to trigger a brake circuit fault means the LEDs are not as high power. I have the vlands and either the vlands have inbuilt load resistors or higher power LEDs because the vlands don't have this issue
  12. Lexus and Toyota lights are not monitored by the CANBUS like european cars. Lexus / Toyota use the BEAN network which is a branch of the CANBUS that is connected via the gateway controller. I've spent the past year reverse-engineering the CANBUS on the 2IS and 3IS because of a project I am working on and I would say I know it quite well now. There are exceptions to this like the brake light is monitored but it's monitored to see how much current is being drawn. Hence why the Brake fault shows up without any engine management light. I have had a few people message me on my Instagram about the HC Motion lights doing exactly that and HC motion themselves have acknowledged that a load resistor needs to be added to fool the ECU into thinking the correct current is being drawn.
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