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  1. Hi Ahmed I am a newbie to the website and the Lexus IS250, Hope you dont mind me sending you message I purchaced a 2006 SE-L in silver 2 weeks ago.

    Found your posts and have to say wow my jaw dropped at what you have achived with your car its really stired my creative side.

    7 days into ownership I have had my windows tinted and my roof wrapped gloss black altho the guy did not cover the roof rails as I wanted sugesting he could spray them black.

    Are they tricky to wrap would you advise wrapping or painting them best way to go, I just recived an Isf style grill to fit the 06 surround today so that will be on in the next day or so.

    Once again hope you dont mind my contact and quizing you, your detailed postings and pics are very useful am blown away how good an IS250 can look.

    Regards Marshall


  2. Weather has been terrible and i've been lazy to fit the foam spacer behind it. It's the spacer that sits on the headlight unit itself. This pushes the top out.
  3. I'm afraid it is not as simple as just swapping out the Grille. The bumper is completely different between the two variants. The F-Sport bumper is a complete different bumper to the non-Fsport bumper. The regular bumper uses a one piece grille. The F-Sport grille on the other hand comes as two separate pieces. If you have a look at a picture of a F Sport and a non-Fsport, you will notice the difference. One of the most obvious one being the brake Air Scoops on the lower part of the grille.
  4. Failing water pumps are common on the IS250. I bought new Genuine water pump from Lexus Birmingham for just over £100 and replaced it myself. Over on clublexus people have experienced water pump failures from cars with even 45k miles on the clock.
  5. Sorry guys, been very busy haven't had time to update with photos. Happy new year to all and here are some pics of the completed project.
  6. As John said, never heard of solid discs at the front, the ones before 2007 had solid rear discs. Always best to check with your reg and chassis number. In regards to the anti-squeal lubricant, i use a product by Pagid/Mintex (Same Company) called Cera-Tec Brake Lube. You can get a tube from EuroCarParts for under £4. It works great and doesn't contain copper. I don't like the old school copper grease method. Ive always used this and never had even the slightest bit of brake squeal. Also, everytime I work on my brakes, I always re-lubricate my slider pins with genuine Toyota Rubber Grease (slightly more expensive) but prefer the Toyota rubber grease. This is what Lexus use to lubricate the slider pins.
  7. guys what are you doing with so many points on your licenses? i've had my license for a long time and not a single point (touch wood)
  8. here's an interesting read. it's been around for some time, there's lots of threads on clublexus regarding it.
  9. I doubt the problem will come to the UK, I dont think we get that much sun and heat. The problem has been around for a long time in america and members at clublexus have been actively campaigning this and eventually Toyota have agreed to fix.
  10. This might be an interesting read: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32622126
  11. You need to re-sync the windows anytime the battery is disconnected. Here's the procedure: Go to each window (not drivers one ofcourse :) ) roll it all the way down, then roll it all the way up again, but do not let go of the switch once it has rolled back up, hold the switch for approximately 4 seconds. Then let go and do the same for all other windows. This will re-sync the windows.
  12. +1 the IS250 is definitely good on long runs. I drove down to Inverness Scotland and got 41.4mpg. In summer 2013 I drove down to Germany and was getting around the 43 mark. Key is to be calm on the throttle. In commuting traffic, i'm getting aroud 24.1ish.
  13. Probably true... but I wouldn't. I do almost 25k (edited, made typo which read 35k lol) miles per year. I alternate between the IS250 and the RX450h, the economy of the RX is better than the IS but then when time comes to change my IS, it will most probably be for the 300h. Right now my IS250 is working well for me, and considering how much cars depreciate, the longer it goes for the more worth it, it becomes.
  14. ahmed24

    Usb And Bluetooth

    I haven't had ground loop issues on my IS250, i've been running the A2DP method as main source of audio for 4 and half years. I can only assume only some models are effected. I did however have random Ground Loop issues on my RX450h and fitting an inline Ground Loop isolator like one similar to this seems to have solved the issue. Quite a few people on youtube and my blog messaged me about the ground loop issue and similar inline ground loop isolators seems to have fixed their issues too.
  15. Thanks Arqum, well said. No update yet, very busy week at work. Got some time this coming weekend, so hopefully if all goes to plan, should be done by then :)