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  1. That's awful news - I'm gutted for you. As Rich says, I hope you get it back quickly and it's in good shape.
  2. I regularly transported one of these in the boot of my IS250 without too much trouble :-) ...and taken apart, one of these fitted in the car with the passenger seat fully reclined:
  3. But then I found this: The music isn't really my cup of tea at all, but it is displaying what it is on the screen. I think I shall withdraw gracefully now, due to an overload of ignorance on the subject!
  4. I've found a manual. It looks like no info "(NO DATA)" is displayed for CD music, but it works for mp3 music. It's from page 206 onwards. IS250_nav_manual_OM53A02U.pdf
  5. To be honest, I think I was always a little disappointed with the ML system's lack of technological advancement. The sound was great, but there was no indication of which radio show was playing or (as I'm getting surer by the minute now) any display of artist or track name on the CD player. The DVD player played about two movies during my time with the car. It was U2 Under A Blood Red Sky on both occasions when showing my new toy off to friends. My wife went through a Ford, a Peugeot, two more Fords and then a Hyundai in the time I had my IS250 and their ICE was always a little cleverer than mine. Annoyingly so. My IS300h lacks some of the cleverness which her Hyundai has which grieves me no end. There's no need to hold the wiper lever up for ten seconds then let it go down for another ten, then run round the car in an anticlockwise direction at precisely 5mph for six minutes without drawing breath to change the number of flashes which the indicators make. No, there's an option in the Hyundai system menu to choose 3, 5 or 7 flashes....
  6. I'm not sure mine ever did either. For the last five or six years of ownership I generally listened to the radio all the time though. Some more learned members here may be able to shed some light on the matter however.
  7. I used my Park Assist system to reverse park into a space at my local Sainsbury's this afternoon. I thought I had done a pretty good job, so I got out and canvassed the opinions of my fellow shoppers. They all said "well done Reginald Molehusband!" which will only mean something to a select few of you.
  8. I had a 1999 Sport and then a 2002 Sport, so it's highly likely there was one available in 2001.
  9. Just a thought - it's a parking "assist" system, not a "we'll guarantee that you park perfectly straight every time" system.
  10. Jesus H ***** on a bike, what is she expecting? A Ten from Len if she lines up inch perfect in a space?
  11. Excellent - thanks. I'm glad I'll only have to go through that palaver once.
  12. Holy thread resurrection Batman! Only having three blinks was annoying me - far too few in my humble opinion. It took a couple of attempts but I'm now on seven blinks. In my wife's Ioniq, she just goes into a menu in the car's settings. Come on Lexus, keep up at the back! EDIT: does this change stay permanently or can things done during a service mean going through the palaver again?
  13. No, I've only been driven by a colleague from Kelsterbach to Phillipsburg and the car was German spec so the speedometer did not make any sense :-)
  14. You can tell that I have never driven on an Autobahn...