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  1. How about one of these? It would save getting your hands dirty: https://www.soundracer.se/?p=98
  2. Here's the new girl. Currently counting down the seconds until 1pm on Monday. She's coming home a day earlier now.
  3. 121,500ish in my July 07 IS250 SE-L. Had a new exhaust (ouch!) and air con compressor. Other than that it has just been pads, disks, one set of plugs and routine servicing. It has been almost 12 years of totally trouble and hassle free motoring and I have enjoyed every mile. No squeaks or rattles either. Edit: forgot that I had a new battery too 2 years ago. Drove around for a couple of weeks before I worked out how to make the windows work again...
  4. Interesting - it's a shame that the refurbished wheels turned out just as bad. Mine look absolutely awful now.
  5. I wish I'd had mine done. I had three (or was it four?) replacement sets on my IS250 when it was under warranty. I asked whether the wheels were as bad on the IS300h when I traded my IS250 in and was reassured that the supplier had been changed and all was fine now. Apparently at one point, wheel changes were pre-authorised whenever an 2nd Gen IS came in for a service!
  6. Definitely - roll on Tuesday.... I'm sure she will. I will be sad to see the old girl go though. A last hurrah in Sport mode down the A47 and some serious amber on the rev counter on the dualled bits will be a fitting send off I think.
  7. After nearly 12 extremely happy, exciting, reliable and fulfilling years with my trusty IS250 SE-L, "that" day finally came today. With a heavy heart, I traded her in for an IS300h F Sport at Lexus Leicester. I had the exact same "I have to have this car" feeling when I got into the F Sport as I did when I got into my IS250 all those years ago. I'll miss her. I'll miss the roar she makes when I push her loud pedal to the floor. I'll miss the smile which is always on my face when I lock her after we have been on a long journey together. She's been a faithful friend over the past 121,500 miles. We've had many adventures together. She's saved my life on more than one occasion. She was Vmaxed on the A1M after my wife had a serious accident at work and I needed to get to her in a hurry, and she didn't bat a headlamp washer. She has been victorious in many battles with German opposition over the years. She is probably the only IS to have transported an HP A0 plotter from Runcorn to Dewsbury. To friends and colleagues, she was known as "The Car With All The Buttons". I hope she's not scrapped but finds someone who'll enjoy her for a year or two more. She's barely run in. Now the wait until Tuesday when I can collect the F Sport home begins.
  8. Not so unique after all! Mine started doing this last week. Did you get a fix?
  9. I got side-swiped and pushed off the road yesterday by a lorry. The passenger door mirror has gone, the front wing is mullahed around the wheel arch and there's a wide scrape along the back door and rear wing. Other than that, it's ok. My underpants had to be condemned though. That's about the worst that has happened to me (so far) in any of the IS's I've owned.
  10. It's all summed up rather nicely at BarryBoys.
  11. And getting a boot full of snow unless you clear it all off the lid before opening it.
  12. Toyota do too. The company I work for has regular Kaizen events and there are books written by Toyota people dotted around the place.
  13. I had no issues with mine at all today. I was quite looking forward to seeing how it coped after several experiences in my IS200s. The only snag was making a complete fist of the handbrake turn onto my driveway (my first attempt with a foot "hand" brake). Other than that, there were no dramas at all.
  14. Yes, drive them both and see what you think. Leicester let me test drive a IS220D in the morning and a IS250 in the afternoon. I loved the 220D but when I got into the IS250, it only took a few yards to tell me that it was an IS250 Auto for me.