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  1. Driving around yesterday (it was an essential journey - I needed to check my eyesight) I realised that I really miss the V6 howl from my IS250 when I used to introduce the loud pedal to the floor mat. The IS300h noise just doesn't cut it unfortunately. I may have to resort to one of these:
  2. The ventilation is quite effective - my wife thought she'd wet herself when I put it on for the first time.
  3. There will be some pointers here. Mine was a 2007. I can't remember when the facelift happened but most of this issues will be covered in this post. Any 2009+ owners will no doubt be along soon.
  4. ...assuming you have perforated seats already. I just checked and rather unsurprisingly, Lexus weren't kind enough to fit my non-perforated seats with a fan.
  5. This is a delightful antidote to those road rage/dash cam idiot videos on YouTube:
  6. Scotty, the shy and reserved car expert on YouTube has done a video about the Corolla's E-CVT:
  7. There is just so much goodness going on here. A female backing group with June Miles-Kingston drumming and giving perfect harmonies, Caroline Lavelle on the cello looking rather demure astonishing, and Terry Hall showing Robert Smith how to be grumpy.
  8. Talking of going as fast backwards, this is awesome!
  9. I must admit that I didn't bother too much with the paddles in my IS250 either. I might have used them more if there had been a blip on the downchange like the Alfa 1somethingorother had. The gear lever having the upshift and downshift the wrong way round was a disappointment too. A good point about hills @Jayw13702 but living in the Fens, the closest I get to hills are on and off ramps to dual carriageways/motorways and multi storey car parks, which I avoid now due to their appetite for alloy wheel rims.
  10. You know, that has been bothering me. I too was thinking of belts (and the possible urban myth that the DAF with CVT went just as fast backwards as it did forwards...). I've done a bit of investigation which I probably should have done first and found this https://blog.lexus.co.uk/perfect-partners-e-cvt-and-hybrid/ which explained the IS CVT a little more clearly to me and answered @ganzoom's point about planetary gears. Every day is a school day!
  11. Mine appears to have CVT: