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  1. I knew about LS, GS and IS but the _X ones are umm... "interesting"
  2. I think it would be a close contest between these wheels and those on my old IS250...
  3. Oh don't give those Germans ideas, for heaven's sake!
  4. That's three of us who have experienced Carista generated drain then.
  5. Permission to digress slightly. It isn't only Lexuses which suffer from this. Some years ago, a chum bought a TVR Chimera (I think it was a Chimera - it's not really important if it wasn't one of those) which had a feature whereby when the door was opened, the window dropped slightly for some reason which I can't remember. Anyway, he had a party soon after purchasing said car and all his friends thought that his new steed's party trick was rather incredible (this was about 1999) and many spent the night playing "let's open the car door again. And again". He wasn't quite so chuffed the followin
  6. She hasn't moaned again so far, which in my book is a very, very good thing....
  7. As an update, I've downloaded Reg Local's "How Not To Crash" and "Advanced Performance Driving". The introduction to HNTC really smacks you in the chops.
  8. If I wore a hat, I'd take it off to you. You have much bigger cojones than me, I haven't got the courage to do half of the jobs you do on your car. I hope it all goes well and I will look forward to hearing (or seeing) how you get on. All the best!
  9. This reminded me that I had something similar - my local Indy got my IS250 up on the ramp and found that an exhaust hanger (I don't know if this is the right term) had broken. New one fitted, back to silence again.
  10. I'm sure when I took my IS250 to Leicester for a service, they always offered me a lunch voucher for the sports club thing behind the dealership but for one reason or another I could never accept it.
  11. I knew you'd know! Thanks for putting me straight Herbie :-)
  12. I think the Lexus engineers need a word with their oppo's at Hyundai. My wife's Ioniq has one of these buttons: If the 12v battery goes flat for any reason (it hasn't yet and the car gets as much use as mine at the moment, which isn't much) a simple press pushes lots of volts from the hybrid battery to the 12v battery and off you go again. Or something like that. Following some fun with my late father's iQ ("Satan"), I bought one of these: It has been used to start my IS300h a couple of times now and will remain in the boot. Just in case.
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