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  1. I have to say that I have nothing but admiration for the chap who restored the IS200 in the videos a few posts above (and anyone who has the balls to attempt repairs like that!). I wish I had a hundredth of his talent and determination.
  2. Oh now then. I am filled with data based lust - I need this, I need it now!
  3. It does indeed Roy! I've been using the Hybrid Assistant app on all trips recently and I beat myself up if the brake indicator turns red instead of green - this means that I'm using the mechanical brakes and not regeneration, and thus burning money!
  4. My IS300h came with the "Protection Pack" which has rubber floor mats. I was a bit miffed to start with as my IS250 had nice, squashy cloth (not cloth - but you know what I mean!) mats. I was going to buy a set of £100 (cough!) mats but there was a breakdown in communication with the sales guy and they were never ordered. To be honest, I'm quite pleased. Although they're a bit squeaky sometimes, mud and leaves come off them with a lot less effort.
  5. Lexus boot liners have saved me on many an occasion over the years. The first was not long after I bought my first IS200. I did think that £70 for a liner was a bit steep but not after I had to do an emergency stop and a bottle of red wine was smashed in the boot. I've had them in all my subsequent cars and wouldn't leave the dealer without one being fitted.
  6. Make a cup of tea, then sit down for the best 70 minutes on the Internet:
  7. This thread has been quiet for a while. Let's correct that now:
  8. I remembered last night that when my IS250 was nerfed off the road by an HGV, I was given a Nissan Micra as a courtesy car. Looking back, I was probably hard done by.
  9. A garage door opener option. How the other half live, eh...
  10. That really is the height of insensitivity. Glad that you're ok though. Don't forget - when you approach a junction or want to turn off a main road or take a roundabout exit, German cars don't have those funny stalks which you push up and down to signal your intentions to other road users. Oh and the outside lanes of dual carriageways and motorways are yours for the duration of the car's loan.
  11. I got bitten by this years ago on a trip to Finland. My luggage had remained in Helsinki and I was in Tampere, and felt I had to let my wife know. I used her stored number and got some strange Finnish woman waffling on in words which I didn't understand. Then it clicked - I didn't have +44 in front of her number. I then spent the rest of the time waiting for my luggage to arrive at the hotel updating all my contact numbers with +44 and taking off the leading 0. Found a similar issue in the IS300h - changed the number to +44 and it was then recognised without any issues.
  12. Yes I think it passed away - it had had a good innings though judging by the final MOT mileage reading. Someone may have bought it and put a new reg on it but that's asking a bit much! Its successor hasn't done much recently, it was still SORN'd last time I looked.