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  1. You are leaning against an open door with me there. They're as bad as cyclists. No, worse!
  2. Meetings! Today I've had two meetings scheduled, neither of which I was looking forward to at all. Both were cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow. This means I've got to endure the "I'm not looking forward to this meeting" stress all over again in the morning. I am not happy about this at all, make no mistake!
  3. I had agreed to pay £15ish (or was it £10?) for insurance cover when I took my IS in for its ill-fated fuel pump recall. I wasn't prompted to pay it, but as I bought the car which they'd loaned me, I'm guessing they let me off which was rather nice of them.
  4. Actually, I'm glad you mentioned the dipping mirrors thing. Betsy and I have just been shopping and I noticed that when she was put into reverse, the driver's mirror tilted up! That was soon sorted out though, as I'm sure everyone will be pleased to hear. Thank goodness for manuals eh!
  5. Perfect - this wireless solution gets better by the minute!
  6. Not if you have a built-in Qi charger 🙂. That said, is it going to get the hump if it's charging and transmitting?
  7. It does indeed! I was planning to buy one of those in the New Year as I find it a pain to have to plug the phone in each time. I borked the USB port on my previous phone with constantly plugging things into it so I'd prefer a wireless solution in the car.
  8. No Schiessewagen death this week sadly, but the final clip may make you chuckle:
  9. That's certainly the case in my ES for Android Auto. I tried connecting via Bluetooth and didn't get anywhere. For less than £100, wireless adapters are available for Carplay/AA.
  10. I (mostly) love Autumn. I love the colours of the leaves and kicking through them when they've fallen off. Usually I'll bag up those which end up on the front lawn and make leaf mulch. It's brilliant for protecting dahlias from frost over the winter. I used to love Autumn in Peterborough when I was growing up as we had a British Sugar factory which processed the sugar beet harvest each year. The smell which lingered over the city at this time of year reminded everyone that Christmas was approaching. When those bloody Londoners started using Peterborough as a feeder town, there was pressure to stop the smell and those outsiders won. I remember driving up the A1 to Dewsbury one year and passing the British Sugar factory at Newark (?) on the way. The Londoners had not yet put an end to that one and the smell took me right back to Games lessons on the playing fields at the end of the school day. Jumpers for goalposts, freezing cold showers afterwards... Anyway, it appears that I have digressed a tad. Oddly. My moan about Autumn is this. Once the leaves have fallen from the trees, the low sun creates a strobe effect as it shines through the now naked trees. Driving in this is not fun. There's also the low sun in the morning which would get me on my weekly drive to Thetford and upon my return journey when it would set right at the end of the dead straight A47 between Guyhirn and Peterborough (and vice versa of course!)
  11. Ok, I've been outside. It's not great out there - the things I'll do for this club eh? I can't find a way to switch from F to C, but I can confirm that Betsy can read the outside temperature properly:
  12. I'm sure Betsy tells the temperature properly, i.e. in Centigrade, I will confirm this when the wind has died down a little. I vaguely remember a setting in the options for this. I wasn't sure about the mirrors dipping in reverse, so I did as my mentor @royoftherovers would have suggested and checked the manual:
  13. I would never entertain the idea of lowering Betsy. It would give entirely the wrong impression and make her look like a trollop or a jezebel.
  14. That could be closer to the truth - Hi-De-HI Campers!
  15. And my monthly payments doubled going from an IS to an ES! I'm still not happy about this.
  16. How the other half live eh! The headmaster at my senior school told my father that I'd make a good butler. I often wonder whether I have missed my true vocation in life.
  17. I was going to moan about this a few days ago, but gave it the benefit of the doubt. I have changed my mind since. Cravendale milk bottle seals. Not, the caps, they're ok and I have absolutely no problem with them at all. It's the seal underneath. They have changed the design recently from that ludicrous seal with a flap on it, which had to be pulled up to aid the removal process. The flap has now gone, so it's a case of working your way around the seal, looking for the part which has a tab on it. This tab is then grasped and the seal ripped off in one swift and continuous movement. Or so it should be. If the seal does not rip in two during this process, I mark the day down as having been a good one. Also, it is essential to make sure that no residue at all is left behind, otherwise the kitchen counter becomes a milk-based swimming pool when an attempt is made to pour the bovine liquid into a cup for a refreshing drink of tea for instance*. Come on Cravendale - you can do better than this! * incidentally, my wife always insists that the milk goes in first. I disagree. It should go in last, as it is then possible to dictate the strength of the brewed beverage more easily. What do you think, my esteemed board chums? Milk in first or last? Or not at all?
  18. Were you awake all night? 😉 I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.
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